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Just Lion Around…

Things have been so hectic here of late. I haven’t really been able to keep up with my blog the way I usually do, but working on catching up on both projects and writing.

So…instead of driving myself nuts with how much I have to do and how many projects I WANT to get done, I’m going to work on doing one thing at a time. With that in mind I had a project that was 1/4 of the way done and it was taking up a lot of space, so today I sat myself down and finished it.

I love finding cool things at yard sales and flea markets that I can redo or recycle. This fountain I found at a yard sale. It was funny because the woman was running really late getting stuff out for her yard sale. It was hard to know what was and wasn’t for sale. She said to ask if we see something we like, so I did. 🙂  This was hanging on her front porch. It was hanging cockeyed and was not working and was filled with old dirt and such. Obviously not an item in use. She laughed and I bought it for $5.00.  I thought it was a spiffy deal. She said the pump had been working up until very recently. That’s no problem though.

Here it is the way we bought it.

Once I got it washed off and cleaned out this is how it looked. I liked it a lot, but it looked too….new. ::rubs her hands together gleefully::

We can fix that!  muahaha!

First I got a nice big bottle of Burnt Sienna paint. I started out just brushing it on and wiping it off, but wasn’t that happy with the result. Then I tried brushing it on and the using a dampish rag started “pouncing” at it. It left a nice little pattern and enough of the paint behind to give it a rustic look.

Once that dried I started on the gold leafing. I use a gold leaf paste wax. It lasts forever, takes only a TINY bit to get a nice effect and buffs nicely. In this case I wasn’t buffing, though. I used my finger and lightly put it on all the design parts; i.e. the twisting around the top, the ridges of the wedge pieces and parts of the lion head. I also put a little on the top and bottom of the side columns. I didn’t make it heavy because I wanted it to look as if the weather had worn some of it off.

Then I started on the ivy painting. I’m not massively great at painting. I usually can make it look recognizable, but some of the fancier kind of painting is really not my forte. Still, I thought I could handle ivy leaves ok. 🙂 I more or less free-formed it. I used two greens and a white on them and didn’t worry too much about it being perfect. Once they were  dry I antiqued over them. I wanted them to look as if they had been painted on years ago and, like the gold leaf, was fading a little here and there.

I did a few more touch-ups on both gold leafing and antiquing and finally… it was done. All it needs now is a good coat of polyurethane so that I can hang it outside and have it last. The paints were water-based so it will need to protection.  Here is the finished product:


The color in the first two is accurate. The last one is a little wierd. lol. Once the fountain is flowing I’ll put in some silk flowers to the ivy will look like part of the arrangements.

I’m pretty happy with it. I can’t wait to see it running!


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