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Walked around the yard today…part 7

It’s absolutely gorgeous out today. We haven’t really had that many days like this so far. It’s either been raining or 99 degrees and terrible humidity, or raining…did I mention raining? oi! The yard is so overgrown I expect to hear monkeys in the treetops and the roar of some lion-ish thing coming from the back yard. Everytime the sweetie goes to mow it’s raining, a heatwave, or he has to fix the van again. Ah well, we’ll get to it. Everyone else’s lawn looks the same way for the same reasons so I don’t feel so bad. hah!

BTW…the pictures aren’t so artsy-fartsy today. No frames and whatnot. Sorry! I have no excuse. I was lazy. 😉

Let’s start off with a wonderful find I picked up this weekend. A flat of Celosia.. a whole flat for $10. That’s a great price and they were very large and all different colors. A better mix of colors than you usually see. I couldn’t help myself. They are looking a tiny bit wilty  in this picture, but I did water them and plant them this morning so they should perk right up again. They are already looking a bit better. (I peeked at them again.)

Here’s what I did with some of them. The rest went into my whiskey barrels with the Stella D’Ora Lilies. They look pretty against the bright yellow of the lilies and when the lilies are done, there should still be some Celosia perking up the planters.

You might recognize the shutters from past posts? Well, two of the things I envisioned doing with them haven’t so far worked out. Trust me, when they are all finished being decorated, I’ll have full pictures just on them. Still, I just LOVE the color and it really brightens up the house and makes me smile.

Next on the itinerary we head to the side of the house where my Fairy Roses are making a full appearance now. I really want to figure out how to break this apart and replant some of it. Of course, that will have to wait until it’s done blooming. I’ll have to cut it back quite a bit to even get close to the roots. These have wicked thorns on them. I actually have two of these, but one is way small because I remembered to prune it last year. This one didn’t get pruned. I have some wonky spots I could replant some of this and just let it go and it would be pretty. Too bad it’s deciduous. sighs. What a wonderful natural hedge this would make. Oh well.

Heading just to the other side of the yard is my old, dilapidated, falling apart wishing well. I got it from a neighbor who was going to throw it away. Ok, yes, I know. It’s not new and pretty, but I always wanted one and at the time we couldn’t afford a newer, prettier one. Besides I rather liked the ancient look to it and lovingly pieced it all back together and it’s being held together by spit and sheer willpower, mostly mine. Anyway, earlier in the spring this year I planted Primrose bulbs. These are not to be confused with my hundreds of lovely yellow Evening Primroses. These are much smaller. This was called Pageant Mix and was supposed to be all different colors. I’ve been waiting to see how they would look and lo, and behold, they are blooming! The package didn’t lie. These are the most vibrant colors ever. And they smell good, too! They smell sweet. So here are some pictures of them. I still have yellow ones and white ones budding up so I can’t wait to see how they look. I’m really hoping they’re like the Evening Primrose cousins and will soon fill my little wishing well with more primroses (that I can transplant all over the yard). 😉 I also planted Jacob’s Ladder which are purple and they seem to be growing as well. I put them in not long ago so we’ll see how it goes.

When we moved into the house the one thing I really disliked about the back yard was this pole support.

I called the utility company who promptly told me they couldn’t remove it. Get used to it. Fine. If you can’t beat them, grow on them. muhaha!

I have clematis that I planted at the base two summers ago. For some reason it’s taken awhile to really get going, but this year it’s racing up the support.

It’ll be gorgeous when it blooms. I can already see buds on it.  So fine… leave it in…I’ll make it look pretty!

This is an ongoing update of how pretty my Hollyhocks are turning out. The one in the garden still hasn’t bloomed yet, although all the buds are there. This one is always first and is going great. You can’t really tell from this photo, but the thing is about 8 feet tall now. I love these. I really want to find a good place to put in more of them.

Lastly, I have a new little plant called a Orange Glory Butterfly Flower, not to be confused with Butterfly Bushes. I mentioned in my last walk through the yard post. Well, it’s blooming and its so pretty. I don’t really have any oranges and I’ve been wanting to get some. I think I want to pick up a couple more of these. It’s a beautiful bright orange with tiny little flowers. I can’t wait until the butterflies find them. Most of my entire side garden are things that hummingbirds and butterflies like.  I didn’t really plan it that way, but I love birds and butterflies so I guess I just naturally leaned in that direction when finding flowers. We also attract a LOT of Hummingbird Moths which I’m really thrilled about. I’ll do a little write-up on those fascinating little creatures one of these days. Here is a little blurb about these from Directgardening.com. I really want to get more of these sunny gems. 🙂

“Few flowers have more decorative value in the summer garden than the Orange Glory Butterfly plant. It blooms continuously from June to August. Will start blooming this summer and have plenty of brilliant flowers for cutting as well as outdoor decoration. Grows 2′ tall. Is especially effective in mass plantings — ground covers, borders, and bed plantings. The Orange Glory Butterfly plant enjoys full sun and will withstand long periods of summer drought. Plant 2′ apart. It is a strong field-grown plant. Drought resistant, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, fragrant, for a rain garden, deer resistant and great for cut flowers.” http://www.directgardening.com/detail.asp?ProductID=6826

Well, there you have it. Today’s traipse through the yard. Hope you are enjoying your summer gardens as much as I’m enjoying mine. One of these years I’ll actually get my veggie garden in again, too. lol. Bye!


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