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Flopping down for a few minutes…

…to catch up with everyone! Finally.

It’s been busy here. NW Mass has a relatively short summer so a lot of things go by the wayside when summer rolls around in favor of getting things done. One of the casualties has been my blogging. I try to keep up with my Walked around the Yard today series, but that’s as far as its gotten.

Sweetie has been getting a lot of overtime which is good for the wallet, but makes it hard to get stuff accomplished. I do what I can, but there are a lot of things that only he can do. He has also been sleeping up at work because the gas is taking so much out of the paycheck. He works 1.5 away from home and we’ve gone from $80/2 wk pay for gas to $220/2 week paycheck. That’s a HUGE amount coming out of bills and such. We have a really nice van so we turned it into a little caravan camper for him. He has a mattress, blankets, portable DVD, cooler with all his food and clothes all tucked nice and neat waiting for him. I made curtains for the windows, even though they are tinted, so he has some real privacy. The van is parked in a secure garage for work, so he just moves it up a couple levels and stays there. Folks leave their vehicles there all the time when they go on vacay or just need a space to store a car now and then so it’s no big deal. He doesn’t talk about it though just to keep it on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell side of things. This week I’ll only see him on Thursday because he is getting reg OT for one day and he asked to work July 4th. Triple time is our friend. 😉 He’s pretty wonderful.

So today I’m making all his food for him. That’s 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, and 3 snacks for each day. I’m making Chicken Paprikash, salad and a pudding for his lunches (that’s his big meal of the day). Dinner he wanted egg salad, so its egg salad sandwhiches, a fruit and a snack. Breakfast he asked for Egg McMuffins and a fruit, so that’s what he gets. Then he gets a mid-morning snack, a mid-afternoon snack and a snack before bed. (He is on a diabetic diet so all this is carb counted out when I make them). Everything is done now, but the soup will be simmering rest of the day.

I thought I would show you a couple things I’ve gotten/been working on when I get a break.

This is my first rag rug and I love it. It’s a little harder than I thought it would be mainly because it’s hard on my hands and shoulders (arthritis), but I do it in spurts. It’s bigger than this picture shows now, but not finished. I’ll post another when its all done. It’s made out of sheets. The tan ones I got at a yard sale benefitting the local animal shelter. I got a 4 of those for $3. What a bargain, eh? Anyway, I have one left to cut into strips yet, but the other three have worked out perfect. The burgundy was my own sheets that I had. I loved the colors together and they are perfect for my LR which is where this is going to go. All total I’ll end up using 2 burgundy sheets (1 flat 1 fitted) and 3-4 tan sheets. (might save the 4th sheet for a small tan one for the bathtub.




I got this bounty from a yard sale this weekend. Woohoo! It’s hard to tell but the basket is really tall and FULL to overflowing of already cutout wooden shapes for the projects in the books. There is a HUGE stack of wood painting books, most of them with already traced out patterns that the previous crafter used so they wouldn’t mess up the patterns in the book. How considerate! And the three baskets are full of paints. One basket has a lot of fabric paints. Unsure what I’m doing with those, but I’ll figure out something. 😉 The notebook in the back is also full of books and patterns. They must have been the persons favorites because they seem to be the most used of the patterns. I  can’t wait to make some of them, although I have a lot to catch up on before I can tackle them!

All excited! We opened our “Summer House” today. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see piccies of it, though. 😉

What projects are you all working on this summer?


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