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Our Summer House!

Yes, I am a woman with a summer house!  We have a cottage, a back 40 and now a summer house. Yep, I have arrived.  :;flutters::

Ok, ok… well, I do have a 200 year old house, my back 40 is my almost .5 acre back yard and this… this is my new summer house.

Now before you laugh too hard… I’m thrilled by it. We had the camper which we bought last year. It’s large, it has a toilet and shower, a ‘fridge, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker and TV with DVD player. Yeah, drool now, my friends. LOL. Next week the hubby will put down the awning so I can clean it good and we have a screen room to put around it. So my summer house will also have an enclosed front porch. <grins> This is the far back corner of the yard so it’s shaded all the time by the maple tree and apple tree branches. It makes a big difference even when it’s very hot.

All the comforts of home and it’s right in my yard. I took a few pictures today. I’m still in the process of getting things put back into it since we took everything out for winter storage. It will have water next week as well. We need to buy another couple of potable water hoses to reach the house. But the electricity is on, yay!



To the left is the toilet/shower area by the white curtain. Right is the biggest cabinet, a stove (which has a mounting bracket on the outside of the camper and I’m going to put it there for outdoors cooking) my sink, and one of the beds.







 This is the front window. You can see my microwave and toaster oven. Lots of light!








This is the front bed and my two woofies. The black one is my Cockapoo named Baby and the Muggin named Rosie.  I put a sheet on this one because if I nap, this is where I will do it.








This is the back window and you see my TV on the table. Today I crocheted while I watched Season 2 of Downton Alley. giggles.








Baby is perfectly content to sit and watch the day go by. Rosie is bouncing around the camper at this point in time. lol. She is sure she’s going to miss something if she isn’t running from window to window to window. Silly dog.







Lastly, I thought I would share one yard picture with you all. This is my Yucca plant in bloom. It’s really cool looking, I think. It only blooms every other year so I enjoy it when it’s a blooming year.

Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy your Fourth of July if I don’t talk to you before then!












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