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Cookie Monster Tie Dye Shirt

My sweetie’s work was having a t-shirt contest at work today. So what did we work on last night? Yep. Well, it took us a couple days to decide, then we had to find the stuff to do it with, then we had to find the time to DO it. But here it is in all its glory. Alas, he didn’t win, but a lot of folks really liked his shirt. ( a kid in a shirt with a girl in a bikini on it…hard to beat a girl in a bikini, lol)

It started out as one of those electric yellow shirts. I used a brand of tie dye that I will NEVER bother to use again (it doesn’t look like it was supposed to at all. It was more of a tie dye paint rather than a straight dye. oh well, live and learn.) Then I sprayed the paint in blotches for that grunge, graffiti look. The cookie monster graphic I made up on my computer along with the text and used iron on paper to make a transfer. We’re going to get some fabric paint and spruce that up a bit next paycheck, I think.



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