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Drought, Birdhouses and Blooms

It feels as though its been forever since I last posted. The summer days just fly by, full of activity and heat and growth.ย  With so many of my blogger friends having so much to post about, I often feel at a loss for what to post about. I’m just not that interesting a person in a day to day sort of way. I don’t have a farm to tend and with the drought and heat up here it’s getting harder to keep my poor struggling flowers alive. I just have two silly dogs, not a myriad of farm animals with which to keep my readers entertained.

I’m starting to get used to him being away for 3 days at a time. We’re pretty inseperable, so it’s taken a little to adjust to, but honestly he has more to get used to than I. At least I’m home in my own bed. He’s in our van, though we have made it as homey as possible for him.

Lately, all my time has been spent trying to get things ready for the show I’m setting up at on Saturday. We aren’t doing many shows this summer. Time just seems to be in short supply and the sweetie is getting a lot of overtime so even some of our projects have been slow to get started. Thank God for the OT! I’m not complaining, but it does cut into the time for house projects.

Over the weekend we had a wonderful time, however. We had a gift certificate to Red Robin so we made a sojourn to that neck of the woods. Sweetie gets awards fairly often from work and he can choose where the certificates are usuable. He always aims for Red Robin for two of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ We love it, but it’s over an hour away. We make a day of it. The Christmas Tree Shoppe is down there (bounces up and down), the Harbor Freight (sweetie bounces up and down) and the bigger Michael’s Crafts. Needless to say…it was a FUN day ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is something I bought from Michael’s. I’m not going to tell you which project they are for, but you will get to see when I get them finished. (winks) The brown parts are aged tin. I think they will “age” for real rather nicely.








I also thought these little signs from Christmas Tree Shoppe were adorable. One will go on the house and one will go out on the Summer House. ๐Ÿ˜‰









Here are a few pictures from my yard. I actually took them several days ago. The drought is making it hard for anything to look bright and pretty right now.

From left to right, my white hydrangeas, light pink hollyhocks and spiderweb hens and chicks. I didn’t know they would grow tall and flower like this. Very pretty amongst the rocks I think.

Hopefully, once the show is over I’ll have more to post about. I’ll take pictures at the show for you all to see as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!





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