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New Crafty Items and Finished Rag Rug!

Yes, that’s right. I finished my first rag rug. Next time I think I’ll do rectangle shape, but this turned out pretty good for winging it, I think. I love the colors. It looks so good with the colors in my living room. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve wanted to try this for years.

And since I liked it so much….I got some more sheets at a rummage sale this weekend! These will make several rugs depending on the sizes. I think I’ll make some bathmats as well.

I’ve been on the lookout for doilies at yard sales. I know I have some stored away, a few at least, but can’t find them. Figures, right? lol. Anyway, been keeping my eyes peeled and I got these over the weekend.






I also found this double dreamcatcher which I’ll be deconstructing and upcycling.

Well, that’s my loot from this weekend. Now that the show is past, I can start working on my WIP projects. I’ll be glad to get some of them finished. And while this heat wave is broiling us in NW Mass, I’ll work on ones I can do in my room with my AC. LOL.

Good crafting all!


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