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My new Wristlet from Rambling Designs!

First I would like to ask my friend Bridgett to forgive my lack of doing this in a timely fashion. The heatwave and humidity have made thinking such a chore and I have found it hard to do much of anything. That show that we baked at just made it that much worse. So I’m sorry, Bridgett!!!

Rambling Designs does beautiful work. Not only are the projects handmade just for you, but the owner, Bridgett, even spins and plies the yarn herself. When you order from here you truly get a one of a kind item designed for you personally.

You can find Bridgett’s online store at http://ramblingdesigns.storenvy.com . I urge you all to go over and take a look at her items. She also sells patterns for some of her designs. Wahoo! What a woman!

Here is my wristlet. It is a handspun Merino wool in Midnight Blue with gold buttons. I love it! Thanks again, Bridgett!


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