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Day two of the Budweiser Clydesdales!

This evening, the second day of them being here, the drivers harness up all the horses and are going around the town to all the bars and restaurants who sell beer and giving them all a case of beer. It’s a lot of fun and a good photo op for folks to see the horses in team. Sunday will be a big parade for the 250th anniversary of the town and they will be there for the parade as well, but if you couldn’t get to the parade you got to see them this evening.

Soon as I figure out how to do videos, I’ll put it up on this page 🙂  Here are some still images from this evening though. And yes, the handsome guy in the last picture is “Sweetie” that you always hear me talk about. <grins>

Saturday they are doing what they call an official Photo Op from 10am -1pm. They have one horse all spruced up and decked out and you can get up close and take pictures. They also take one horse around town and visit places like Nursing Homes and such. There was a picture of an elderly lady in a wheelchair getting whuffed at by the horse who had his head down by hers. His head was the size of her head, neck and torso put together. The gentleness and calm behavior of these huge horses is amazing and speaks volumes of being treated with great love and kindness themselves. The little lady was laughing and reaching up to his nose, thoroughly delighted.

Sweetie and I don’t drink beer, but for the company, drivers and handlers to do these types of visits to people who would not be able to see the horses any other way, impressed the heck out of me. Yes, I know, it’s advertisement and marketing, but it also speaks well of them to consider those who are unable to come to them and who are not their “target buying demographic”. This is truly a labor of love for those who work with these horses as well. You can see it in how the horses respond to their handlers who are all around them when they are in team and going down the street. There is trust and true caring between them. The shut-ins, the elderly, the folks who wouldn’t be able to see them otherwise are not going to make this company great profits. This was about sharing and caring. I’m truly impressed with this kind of dedication, to both the animals and to others.

Sunday is the parade and I’ll have more photos from both days. I can’t wait! I feel like a little kid I’m so excited about seeing these horses. I’ve always wanted to!


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