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250th Year Parade in our town

It’s been a very busy weekend and a hot one, too. This Sunday was the official Parade of the 250th Birthday Celebration of the town of Athol. It was also a busy weekend for sweetie and I as far as running around doing a million errands. I took lots of pictures at the parade so here they are. These are just a few highlights. There were the requisite H.S. Marching Bands and local businesses as well. The parade was 2 hours long, but we had very long delays between some of the divisions. Probably would have been an hour and a half without those. Celebrate with us!




2 thoughts on “250th Year Parade in our town

  1. Lovely photographs! Very nice work. Gives one a real sense of being there. Just happened across your site by clicking “Athol.” Not sure if I know you. I did go to your “About Me” section which is great….cubbyholes! Nice taste in music, as well. Hope to see more of your work in the future! —Mitch (mrgosky.wordpress.com) and https://www.facebook.com/mitchell.r.grosky.photography)

    • Thanks for your comments! I love the Eagles. I change up the music every few months. This just felt like an Eagle time. 🙂 I was happy the pics came out well. I’m learning more about taking pics as I go. 🙂 Look forward to seeing you again! Jeanie

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