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If you are going to fail…go big

Last week I found out you could make homemade Beef Pepperoni. I had no idea that was possible so I just had to try it. I combined 2 recipes, mostly because I had trouble finding ingredients. Both recipes were similar so it wasn’t really a big deal.

First recipe called for Morton’s Quick Tender Curing Salt. Well, the stores here don’t sell that. So after having looked at other recipes who just used meat tenderizer, I got some of that.

Second recipe called for Liquid Smoke. I didn’t have that and, again, couldn’t find it, so I just omitted it.

The only real difference in the directions was length of time to cook the logs. Also, the recipes called for setting the oven at 150 degrees. My oven only goes down to 170 degrees.

So I went for the longer time, then took some off for the higher temp and popped them in the oven.

So the result? They look like the pictures in the other recipes, however… they taste awful. Now I love salt, but these are so salty even I can’t stand them. The texture is more like an overcooked meatball. They are also very spicy, of which I’m not a huge fan.  I don’t know if they toughen up when they cool, but right now they are skinny logs of horribly salty, very spicy overcooked meatloaf logs.

I think I’ll look into getting the right items. I may have to order them. And this time I’ll do it with 1 lb. of meat. I did half this thankfully, so only wasted 2.5 lbs.

Anyone else ever try this and have some advice for me?

(my card reader died or I’d have a picture of the meat logs for you…sighs)



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