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Free Yarns!

I knew that would get your attentions. lol.

Today I got to go to my knitting group and the woman who runs it brought a huge tote of free yarns. She used to own the LYS until she retired so I’m talking NICE yarns here. Here is the booty I garnered! Most of them are full skeins. A few are just shy of full. Not enough that it would matter to most patterns. The big blue ball is very thick and soft. It feels like roving and it pulls apart-ish and looks a bit like roving. I’m going to try using it like roving for something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile now. I hope it works! I also got a free pattern. Oddly enough the top right hat is exactly what I’ve been looking for. LOL. I want to make a version of that but felt it. I’m hoping all you far more experienced knitters can help me with that. 😉

I also picked these up at a yard sale last week and thought I would show you. I think they’re really pretty. I like the patina on the metal and that the globes are glass. I’m going to put these for sale in the store I sell out of in town.


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