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First Shots Event

This week we attended a First Shots Seminar and we had a BALL! We loved it. So you know what I’m talking about…

“First Shots

First Shots has helped ranges across the country introduce thousands of individuals to  shooting and firearm safety. Developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and hosted by independent shooting facilities, the program provides participants with a comprehensive introduction to shooting by qualified range operators and instructors that includes firearm safety, local ownership requirements, shooting fundamentals, hands-on instruction and how and where to continue.”

We had an hour and a half of classroom instruction. It was really informative without being so technical we got lost. There were all kinds of people there. I was really surprised. We had about even split of men and women and there were several older women (by which I mean probably in their 60’s+). Most of us knew nothing about guns and had never shot one before.

The seminar was at a local Gun Club and I cannot say enough about how nice everyone was. Everyone was a volunteer and the seminar was free. It was a brutally hot day and everyone was sopping wet before long, but noone lost their tempers or were impatient with any of the attendees that I saw.

When it was time for the live fire portions, we had a chance to try Archery, Pistols and Rifles. We shot regular bows and tried a compound bow. You wear an arm guard when you shoot a bow so that you don’t “zing” your forearm with the bow string, which hurts. However, I will say this….  well endowed women need a boob guard so you don’t lose a nipple. Trust me. I thought I lost one at one point. LOL. It was fun, but I wasn’t very good. My best shot was in the yellow center with the compound bow, but that bow was really tiring and hard to pull back. Sweetie looks good doesn’t he? 🙂  Check out the picture of me with the bow in flight. He was really proud of getting that one. 🙂

Next we moved on to the pistol range. We were using Ruger .22 caliber pistols. Each person had an instructor beside them making sure we were all safe and doing it right, and in case anything happened to the guns like jams or misfires.

Next we moved on to the rifle section. We were using .22 caliber rifles for this. I found the front end of the rifle to be heavier than I thought it would be. I also had difficulty because I have very short arms. I couldn’t get the butt seated against my shoulder because my arms were too short to hold the front end if I seated it right. I would need to get a short rifle if I got one. I opted to sit and shoot because it was the only way I could reach to hold it.

If you are looking to learn more about guns or shooting one, or are just looking for something fun and different to do, I would reccommend a First Shots Seminar. It was a lot of fun. Friends of ours came with us and we had a really good time and a lot of laughs with each other.



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