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And so it begins…

1950 CVTC 22 Homemaking

Second is the huff of “why should I bother”.

Third is the thought that there are tons of reasons to bother even if you don’t think it will be as needed as some alarmists think.

Fourth is the ache in the wallet every time you go to the store.

Last is the blushing, chagrined feeling of “dag, I need to do better at this stuff”.

I hit “last”…finally.

Ok, some of us learn some things slower than others. Still it is pretty overwhelming when faced with all the ways others are phenoms at doing all this. So how to begin….

I’m going to pick one to two projects a week. If I try to do the whole picture all at once I’ll just get frustrated and give up. To avoid that I’ll take it in steps.

This week (it may go by the paycheck which is bi-weekly depending on the investment needed to switch over) it’s going to be cleaning products. I’m going to experiment with homemade general cleaning products. Any advice or recipes are gladly welcomed, btw. 🙂

I know vinegar and borax are often used items, but do they sanitize or kill germs like lysol for example. Do I need another recipe for something that does that kind of cleaning? Research required for sure. In the meantime I’m going to use up my general cleaners, keep the bottles, and start making my own.

I’m also going to be making something called SOS, or Soup or Sauce mix. Probably try another couple of mixes this week as well. Time to consolidate and simplify my kitchen.

237:365 - Got Them Laundry Time Blues

237:365 – Got Them Laundry Time Blues (Photo credit: Nomadic Lass)

Read an article about dryer sheets and fabric softeners also. That’s going to be hard because a big treat for me is when I buy a bottle of lilac fabric softener. yummmm… Going to try to replace the scented dryer sheets for now and maybe just save my Downy for that once in a while special touch on my blankets. <grins>

So here I go.. the journey of better frugalness begins. Wish me luck!


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