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Of Fall Leaves and Cribbage Boards

Yep, it was that time. Time to give the blog a facelift and a more “fallish” look. The welcome sign in the middle is a sign that I have in my kitchen. I love it and thought it would make a pretty header image. A little tweaking of color and I made a background image to match the fall leaves behind the welcome sign. I really like how it came out. How is everyone enjoying the Eagles’ songs? I turn it on and just let it play in the background while I’m working in my room.

This is a cribbage board for those unfamiliar with the game. I found a pile of them at a yard sale a while back and forgot about them. I have 8. They seem to be made out of red oak and are heavy for their size. I think they must have been made for a school or something as there were a lot of them. They all have pencil marks for direction on which way to go and a shallow groove every five holes for easy counting.

What I have in mind is to sand them down to get the pencil marks and any surface dirt off then maybe stain them. They are a beautiful oak so perhaps oil them and then just seal them. I need to make pegs for each one which shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

I also thought maybe I would make a felted bag for them with a little pouch to hold the pegs so they don’t get lost. Might be looking for help on that one. 😉

What do you guys think? Have any other suggestions?


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