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Walked around the yard today…part 8

It’s been a while since I added to this thread of posts. With the heat and drought many things did not hold up well. Other things seemed to thrive. We’ve finally had some rain and it’s amazing that some things, which I thought were through for the year, are giving me a second show. I thought I would grab a few pictures today and show you what is most notably going on at my little blue cottage.

My Butterfly Bush is HUGE. It’s well over 15′ tall and has been blooming like mad for the 3-4 weeks. You will remember that I did a post about the Milkweed plant earlier this summer. Well they are beside the butterfly bush and it’s swarming with Monarch butterflies right now. I’m assuming these are young Monarchs because their coloring is not quite filled out and they are fairly small still. They were really hard to get a decent picture of though. This was the only one that turned out. lol.

Hmm as I look at him again… is that a Monarch? Well, it should be since the milkweed is their food source and that’s right beside this bush. Anyway, its fun standing there and being swarmed with butterflies.

I planted some herbs in my rock garden because I thought they would be pretty as well as functional. Admittedly I don’t cook with thyme much, but they are a nice low growth that smells pretty. The other is a Globe Basil. I’ll trim that and start drying it soon. I don’t have a picture of it but I have oregano that is taking over beside my garage. It’s all mixed in with a fairy rose gone crazy. I think I have multiple types of oregano over there, but it’s probably all mixed together. I have mint over there too somewhere. LOL.I might find it when I cut back the rose bush for the year. I hope so at least.

This is a clematis vine. Now here is the amazing part. I planted these last year. There are actually two kinds planted here. The purple one you have seen earlier and this one which is a white fall blooming flower. It did almost nothing last year. I wasn’t even sure it lived over the winter. As you can see it has gone crazy this year. I’m not sure if I should prune it back when its done blooming or not, but its full of buds right now and I can’t wait to see what it looks like in full bloom.

These are my honeysuckles. I know they are past blooming, but I had to show you how massive these are. I’m 5’3″ and these go up at least 3′ taller than I am. We didn’t get the gate done yet (sweetie getting a lot of OT right now) so I’m going to prune it back hard because the wooden ladders holding them up are not going to make it through the winter with weight on them. The red raspberries are growing like mad with them and we had tons of berries this year. I still may have to keep the honeysuckle pruned back a bit during the summer so that next year I can reach ALL my berries. 🙂

I have no clue what these things are. That’s a leaf, but what are the round things? They flake off and are thin. They are maybe the size of a man’s thumbnail in diameter. The only place I’ve seen them are in this one spot. Anyone have any clues? Are they good or eeeeeevil? 🙂

***UPDATE!***  ok these are the seeds from inside the dead Hollyhock pod. I’m going to harvest a bunch of them and try them other places and give some away to friends. 🙂

Thanks for roaming my yard with me!


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