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First Toe Up Socks

Hiya all! I’ve been a little slack in getting this post up. Blame it on gaming… Guild Wars 2 came out this week and I’ve been playing that. <winks> I love games.


These are my first successful Toe Up Socks. Now that said… I think I like the wide toe. First time doing that kind of toe. I’ll see how it is in practice, but I think I might like it. Not crazy about this particular heel style. It’s almost like a fake heel. It’s just not the type of heel I prefer, but again, we’ll see. This is only my third pair of successful (meaning wearable <grins>) socks, so its not like I have a ton of experience in different styles. The first two socks I ended up giving away for presents. lol. This pair is mine. <grins>

I love the yarn I used. Its very easy to work with and VERY stretchy./ It’s acrylic and nylon and its self patterning. I got it actually in the baby section so its very soft. It feels really soft and luscious on the feet. All the wool knitters are feeling faint right now because I said the “A” word, (acrylic), but I really liked this particular yarn, so pfft. <winks> Fear not, I also have a number of balls of Tofuttsies and other more respectable sock yarns. lol.

I don’t have sock blockers, but I’m making two with some really thick cardboard  tomorrow. 🙂

Oh and if you try this method take the time to learn that invisible, stretchy bind-off. I figured I could do a regular bind-off and just do it loosely, but it really didn’t work. I may try to take out that last row and fix it or just chalk it up to experience. They are a bit tight to get over my heel, but not impossible. Trust me… learn that bind-off. LOL

I think I like the toe up method. Definitely comes with a learning curve, though. I’ve done dpns, double circulars and now this. I think I’m probably going to use dps and this method. The only reason I didn’t like dpns was because I didn’t like getting one sock at a time done. 😉  But a friend came up with a solution to that, which is probably embarrassingly obvious to most of you by now, so we won’t belabor the fact that it never occurred to me. <grins> I also have only been knitting maybe 3 years and not experienced enough to translate patterns and since some of the ones I want to try are on dpns, I’ll use that method, too.

The next socks are a Scandinavian pattern from this book, Knitting Scandinavian Slippers and Socks. I can’t wait to try these. Most of these are with a worsted weight and with a ww wool, these will be beyond toasty this winter. I’m going to try my first pair without a pattern since learning the pattern will be challenge enough. Time to pretty it up later. 🙂 I really love the way these socks look, I have to say. So wish me luck!


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