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Gun Learnin’

ww2 u.s. army handgun

They were very professional. The instructors are all heavily certified in all aspects of gun education and many are ex-military and current law enforcement. They have a ton of advanced classes, a couple which Sweetie and I want to take.

We had a good time. The class was fun and we really learned a lot. Since the class was under 20 people we got to ask a lot of questions about specific situations. The live fire was fun. We shot a revolver (our first time using one of those) and a semi-auto .22 pistol.

Great time and one step closer to getting our licenses. We have our certificates and next week we’re sending in our applications for our licenses. Its not cheap to do all this, but things going as they are, we think its a good idea to be prepared, learned and responsible about our protection.



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