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Bringing in the herbs

Fall is officially here and all the “omg it’s almost winter” stuff is starting to need doing. We’ve had one frost night but a number of nights in the 30’s. I love the cool and windy weather of September and October and yet it also sets off my winter panic about all the things that still need to get done before winter truly settles in around us.

I clipped herbs and dried them this week. I planted Globe Basil, which is supposed to be a really good cuisine basil. I just liked how it looked. 🙂 I have a long history of basil bad luck, but this did really well in my rock garden. I also planted English Thyme, which ironically, is not called that in England. hehe. Anyway, it too did extremely well this year. I also planted parsley, but since it didn’t get put in till about mid-summer it didn’t get as big as I had hoped. I also clipped as much spearmint as I could gather. I didn’t prune and stand up one of my fairy roses and it took over one corner of the yard. The spearmint and peppermint and oregano have been growing there the last couple of years so it all grew together. After making myself look like I’d been in a cat fight, and lost, I had a pile of spearmint and oregano, but only a few sprigs of peppermint. Next year I’m going to replant my herbs and mints in a better location.

Here’s what I ended up from all this.

Bit anticlimatic, isn’t it? lol. Kinda makes you wonder why bother. Still, it feels nice to make something out of something you grew. House was potent for 3 days, though.

Tomorrow the Sweetie is having his 50th Birthday “procedure”. Those of you who have gone through this will understand. 🙂 Poor thing is starving today.  I’m debating on which knitting project to take with me while I wait. Socks… shawl….socks….shawl….

Our little dog is in heat. She is attached to me like glue. Last night she kept barking back at the coyote who had come closer than usual and was barking and howling. ::rolls her eyes:: We have a lot of those around, but usually they stay up the road a ways. You can hear them sometimes, all “singing” their hearts out, but this one must have picked up on Rosie’s scent and decided to wander a bit closer. At least he wasn’t REAL close. I would have worried more.

Went to our first gun show in Marlborough, MA this weekend. It was like going window shopping in a candy show with no money. We learned a lot though since we got to handle some of them and listened a lot to the vendors talking to other customers. It was fun and will be more fun when we have money, and licenses, to take with us. Big ending to the day? Had to get towed home because the brakes went. Yay for AAA. We love them. lol. I’m really pretty decided on the Ruger SR .22 pistol (show right). Sweetie wants a 9mm and likes the Sig Sauers so far. ((photo via http://www.ruger.com/products/sr22Pistol/models.html ))

Picked up the last season boxed set of Spartacus. SOOOO good. Not something you want to watch if nudity, language or realllllly graphic gore bothers you, but if if doesn’t, GREAT series. The story line keeps you riveted. There will be one final season of it. It’s a three part series. There is also a prequel set to it. It more or less filled the gap between season one and season two because the actor that played the main character, died of cancer. Really shocking. If you watch season one it would be hard to find someone who looked more in shape and robust, but within months of wrapping was gone. Very sad. The actor playing him now got full approval from the first actor before he died. Hard shoes to fill, but very touching and gave the new actor the freedom to make the part his now. ((photo via http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1442449/ ))

What’s not to like here?  winkwink

Lastly to leave you with something I’m truly enjoying. I planted two clematis’ in the same place. One a summer bloomer and one a fall bloomer. Last year they didn’t do that much (it was their first year in that spot) but this year, oh my Lord, the fall one has gone crazy! And something I hadn’t noticed last year? It smells WONDERFUL! When you walk outside the yard just smells so sweet and lovely. So here for your enjoyment and reward for reading down this far…  😉  Hidden under all that is a metal obelisk that is barely visible at the bottom. hehe. ((photo mine))

Catch up again soon!



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