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Dehydrating Potatoes

Thought I would share my day of dehydrating potatoes day with you all. 🙂

First there is some debate about whether or not to blanch the potatoes before you dehydrate them. It really depends on how attached you are to the “pretty” factor. The potatoes you get in the au gratin potatoes in the store are light colored because they are bleached to look that way. You can achieve a similar look by blanching the potatoes before drying them. However, blanching a ton of potatoes first is kind of a pain in the neck just so they look pretty.

I’m not that hung up on pretty if they are for me and my sweetie. Once they are rehydrated they taste exactly the same, so I prefer to save myself hours of work and just slice and dry.

First thing I do is to get all my stuff ready. I have a mandolin slicer, a big bowl of water and a towel.

I did try putting Fruit Fresh in the water in the bowl. It did keep the taters from turning brown, but in the long run I don’t think it made much difference during the drying process. Its up to you whether you use it or not.

Next I set about slicing the taters up.

I patted them dry on the towel and laid them out in the food dehydrator.

I had two 5 lb. bags of potatoes. One bag I sliced and one bag I diced. I only had enough trays to do one bag at a time so I bagged up the diced potatoes and took care of them later.

So now I just wait. They don’t take that long to dry. This is definitely a job that is best left till fall if you can manage it. The dehydrator puts out a good deal of heat and doing this on hot summer days is a bit brutal. I do it to get my goods in, but trust me, its better when its cooler. 🙂

Here are the finished products.

As you can see the potatoes have a darker appearance. Sometimes they get a powderish look to them, but they are fine. Once rehydrated (I use mine mostly in soups so it especially doesn’t matter) they will taste the same as the prettier ones.

Good luck with your dehydrating adventures!


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