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Craft Show at Red Apple Farm

The next picture is the store where I have my things for sale in town. It’s called Keepin’ It Local and last time I checked, there were over 50 local artisans with items for sale in there. It’s a great place and always changing. There are always new things to see in there. This is a small shot their setup.

My good friends at Cat in the Shack were also there. There are those who make soap. I make soap. But Cat in the Shack takes soap to a true artform. Her soaps are amazing. She does Emu Soaps, Goat Milk Soaps and other unique soaps of all kinds. She also makes lotions, creams and candles. I’m going to shamelessly promote her Pain Aid Cream. It’s ALL natural. So much so that when my puppy ate an entire container of it and I called her, freaking out, to see if I should rush the pup to the vets, she laughed and said don’t worry.. it too will pass. There is not a single thing in there that would hurt the dog…and it didn’t. She didn’t even get the runs. lol.

Anyway, it is by far the best cream for arthritis you will ever use. Unlike those ones in the stores that get burning hot, or worse, freezing cold, her cream is a gentle warm that just soaks in and works before you even realize its doing anything. Next thing you know you forgot your fingers were hurting and they just work better. She gets orders from Physical Therapy places and even hospitals for this cream. She does take online orders and I wholeheartedly and without reserve reccomend her Pain Aid Cream.

It was a great  day. The customers were fun and appreciative of all the work of the artisans. It’s a nice feeling. Even if your stuff isn’t someones style, its nice when they appreciate the work and quality of your items. That makes such a difference to the person who makes the items. The fudge was up to par, as usual, and we even got free cider donuts still warm from the oven from the bakers at the farm. How can you go wrong with that? 🙂


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