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Food Storage List

After spending a long time looking at food storage calculators, I came to one conclusion…I need to make my own. That’s not to say I didn’t use the ones I found for reference, but I found that either the things we would most use weren’t on there or there were things on there we wouldn’t use.

I read that a good way to start is to think about what we eat most of the time. Most people rotate their favorite recipes over and over so that gives you a fairly good idea of what items were most likely to get used most often.

This doesn’t include any meat products because I haven’t looked into that as much and don’t know what my options are yet. I can update this list as needed, however, so not worried about it right now.

I’m sure I’ll find things I’ve forgotten or didn’t think of, but I plan for this to be a work in progress. On all pages the amounts are listed in the columns shown. I just didn’t bother putting that bar on the top of all the pages.

I added more grains, although I like Oat flour and Oat bran, but if I buy the berries, as the rest are, I should be able to make them myself. I decreased the amount of rice because we aren’t really huge rice eaters. I do make a lot of breads though so upped the flours. I don’t know if Bisquick can be stored so left that blank for now.

I also added a lot more of the beans and legumes. We eat a lot of those in thick hearty stews so I increased the amounts and types that were on the original lists.

Also, I added more to the sugars and drinks column. I’m really not a big plain water drinker so I wanted to be sure I had enough to drink. I forgot teabags, but added them to my sheets manually. I would simply wither and cry without my teas. I plan to vacuum pack tea bags so that they stay fresh longer. The LDS List only listed 6 lbs of honey for 12 months. Well… WE eat a LOT of honey so I increased that substantially. I use it in baking, in breads, in hot drinks both yummy and medicinal. Honestly, how could 6 lbs of honey last 12 monts? hehe.

Included on my list is spices and herbs. The herbs I need to research, but I love spices and had to put them on here. I’m wondering if I vacuum pack the jars they come in if that would increase their longevity. Have to look into that.

On the LDS lists they have dried apples and applesauce. For some reason apples are the only fruit they eat? lol. There is nothing about any other dried fruits so I added my own. We love strawberries and peaches so they had to be added.

None of the lists took pets into account and we have 2 little sweethearts, so I figured out how much they eat per day x 365 and then used a conversion calc to figure out the amount of lbs we would need. Good thing they’re adorable and wonderful and our little sweeties cause they eat a lot. lol.

Any feedback on things I’ve forgotten, should refigure or comments about the list at all are HUGELY welcomed!



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