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Getting to know you…getting to know all about you…

Song aside, 🙂 , I’ve been reading about how its a good idea to have a book or folder with all your personal information where you can grab it quickly, should the need arise. I went hunting for some templates to make it easier, but finding none that suited my needs, I made my own. Feel free to use these if you want. If you post them somewhere, please put a link back to where you got them from. Thanks!BTW, this is my first time trying to put a PDF in a blog, so if it doesn’t work right please let me know.

This template has all your personal info, work info, physical description and a place to put your fingerprints. It also has a place in the top right corner to put a photo of yourself. It is suggested that you make one for every member of your family.

Personal Information

This one is for your pet information. We cannot leave our wonderful, sweet pets out of this! It doesn’t have a spot for photos because you may have more than one pet. I suggest stapling an envelope to this form with pictures of each pet and their vet records with them.

Pet Information

This next template is for important phone numbers. You could even reduce this on a good copier and put it near your phones so you have it whenever you need the numbers.

Important Phone Numbers


I had wanted to have these show up as a graphic, too, but I think I’ll fiddle with that another night.  I also have been asked for my food storage sheets to be downloadable, so going to try to turn them into a PDF and get them posted soon. Hope these are helpful to you!





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