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New Items I had at my show at Red Apple Farm

Heya all! Sorry I haven’t been as active lately. I had my big show at Red Apple Farms this past weekend and it went well. The weather was gorgeous and only a bit cold. For November in NW Mass though it was spectacular. The crowds were good and everyone was having a good time. Now I have a little breather before my last show of the year. I have enough stuff for that one, so I can give my self a little break. I made some new things for the last show and here is a couple pictures of those items. This little bell ornament was made for 12 baskets that were given to the musicians that volunteered their time to come and play throughout the day.

This is the first of my new items I would like to make. I love some of the crocheted jewelry and have decided to diversify a bit and combine both the fun of making jewelry with my love of knitting and crocheting. I hope to have a line of items that will include necklaces, wristlets, chokers and rings.


These are something totally different for me. A little while ago I posted about a large laundry hamper full of wooden cutouts I found at a yard sale. In that basket were 5 scarecrow patterns. I thought they would be cute for the show and here’s how they came out.



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