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A Whole-Hearted Apology

I put up a post, stipulating where I had gotten the post, because I loved what it said and thought my readers would as well.

I did not realize I was doing something wrong in reprinting an article from this site. The article was from Preparedness Pro and its one of my fav places to go for ideas, recipes and suggestions on ways to better pursue my “frugality” plans.

The owner of the site posted a comment letting me know, in no uncertain terms, that I had done something illegal.

I want to take this time to apologize profusely for doing something wrong. Laws are, as I was told, only as good as those who obey them, and it was never my intention to violate the rules of the site or those laws. I’m still fairly new to blogging and have not done that much in the way of reprinting. That is no excuse for my ignorance and I’m sorry to Preparedness Pro and to Kellene for violating their site.

I hope you guys will forgive me. I am an honest person and a Christian and would never have knowingly done something to harm you or wrong the site or the authors of your articles.

Please accept my apologies and thank you for showing me what things to look for so that I can do a better job with my little blog.

To my readers, I’m sorry as well that you had to read something that was wrongly put up. The Preparedness Pro site rocks totally and I urge you to visit there often for the interesting and very helpful articles.

Again, I apologize.

Thanks, Jeanie


2 thoughts on “A Whole-Hearted Apology

  1. Honestly I didn’t know that it was “illegal” either, but then I find my posts on others pages and have never written to complain. In some sense I found it complimentary.

    Don’t worry Jeannie. It was an honest mistake and seems trivial on such a horrible day in our history. I’ve been crying all day about the school shooting in Connecticut, and though I have no right to minimize Kellene’s concerns, compared to what’s really wrong in the world, this is certainly at the bottom of my list.

    You’re the one who rocks, and I think you have a great blog. Patsye

    • Thanks Patsye:) I heard from Kellene and all is well between us. I understand her concerns completely.
      I just found out about the shooting (we didn’t even have the radio on all day) and I’m shocked and grieved by it. I know, from experience, how a small community grieves when a group of their own are killed so quickly and senselessly and I just pray for them now.

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