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I’m back!!!!! A Holiday Update

GFP+ neuron

GFP+ neuron (Photo credit: CodonAUG)

Well, folks, I’m back. I took a little hiatus because it was just too busy and I had so many things going on that I just didn’t have another brain cell left to devote to anything else. Something had to give, and it was my blog. Course the one time I did get on and do something I got into trouble. LOL. All is well, though, and Preparedness Pro owner could not have been nicer about forgiving me. It was a good lesson for me to learn anyway 🙂

Christmas has come and gone and the new year is here. Ever think about how much stress and busy-ness and rushing around really just comes d0wn to ONE single day?  Then BAM! It’s over and you’re exhausted, fatter and thinking…omg only 364 days till next Christmas! lol.

The Sweetie had to work and we have no family up here, so it was a quiet day. Course, the time around it wasn’t quiet, but when the day finally dawned…everything that could/should/had to get done was as done as it was going to get and with a huge sigh, I stayed snuggled up with my quilts and dogs and just vegged out. Then the Sweetie got sick and ended up spending most of the holiday in bed. Poor thing. He worked Christmas day, but ended up taking the next day off because he was so sick. I felt so bad for him. He hardly ever gets sick and almost never for longer than a day or two, but this cold really had him down for the count.

New Year’s is really not a big deal to me. When I was young it was a great excuse to pig out and stay up till the magical hours of the night that belonged to grown-ups. Of course, this is assuming that I didn’t pass out in a sugar/salt/dairy coma before midnight rolled around. I also simply don’t like to drive, unless its an emergency, because of all the drunks on the roads. Emergencies would include death, dismemberment, hanging limb, bleeding into a bucket,  or running out of Cherry Coke.

So as I think about the year to come and this blog, I want to find something that I can do as a weekly thing that would be fun and helpful. Giving that some thought. I know the year has already begun… I’ll do extras to catch up. 😉  This is all assuming that I come up with a feasible idea. lol.

That’s all for this post. Just a little catch up. I got behind on reading blogs as well, but working on getting all caught up on what everyone’s been up to. So look for me on your blogs, my friends! 🙂

Ta for now!



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