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The Snow Storm of Feb/2013

So how did you all fare through the storm?

Here in Massachusetts we got pretty nailed. The coast actually got a little more than we did, which is fairly unusual. It was compared to the storm of ’78 up here, but in the most important ways, it was easily not as bad.

Yes, there was lots of snow, but we knew this was coming a week ahead of time. We had so much warning that anyone who was not prepared deserved what they got, imo. In 1978 there was nowhere near the ability to foresee the amount of information that we have now. That storm really caught everyone off guard.

Here where I live, we got about 2 ft. of snow. It was very windy, which wasn’t helping matters. The darker pictures were taken at approx. 3:30 in the morning, about halfway through the storm. The really big lump is our Saturn car with just the mirror sticking out the side. I had to push the door open as best I could and get out and shovel just enough space to swing the door open so the dogs could get out to do their business. By the time the storm was done, the only proof that I had shoveled in the middle of the night was a slightly lower look to the level of the snow in that space.

We were very lucky in that we did not lose power once the whole storm. There were over 625,000 people without power the last time I heard a count. Some of them are still waiting to have power restored. We were as ready as could be, but I was glad we didn’t have to deal with it afterall.

feb-13 storm3 halfway throughfeb-13 storm2feb-13 storm4



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