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OMG! She’s made a new post! Call the press!

Yes, I know. I’ve been a very naughty blogger. I’ve been a little absent from both blogging and reading blogs. I have no really good excuse. Just got busy and had to prioritize my time differently for a bit. But, I’m back and “hoping” to be around more. My mail has been a disaster though, so I’m so far behind on reading my lovely friend’s blogs that I may just have to start from scratch and just pick up with the current rather than trying to go back and read them all. ::pouts:: I’m sorry in advance!

The weather was wonderful today. Bright, sunny, warm… most of the snow is now gone even. 🙂  I went out in my side garden and started raking it out and doing the pruning that I really should have done last fall. <blush> Luckily I caught them pre-budding stage. I may not have too much this year, but we’ll see. It’s terribly overgrown with grass that snuck in with my plants. I have to just yank it all up, and that’s not going to be an easy or quick task. I’ll have to sacrifice some of my plants as well. I bought new plants to replace the ones that end up yanked with the grass.

Did I bother to dig out my gardening gloves? Nope… and since my rose bush is a bit overgrown as well, and pretty much central in the garden, I ended up with lots of puncture wounds and scratches. My arms and hands look like I got into a cat fight. Still it felt really good to be out in the dirt again.

You’ve probably also noticed that my theme keeps changing. I just can’t find one that really floats my boat. I prefer the text to be wider, but I like a header picture. I’m having a hard time finding something that I like enough to stick with. Hang in there with me while I try different ones. 🙂

So what all have I been up to?  Sooooo glad you asked!

We rearranged some things in the kitchen and built a real pantry area! Yep, we bought really good shelves (had no idea good shelves cost so much!), measured for how many we could fit in there and here is the result. Not the best pictures, but there is a black shelving unit against the wall in the back, the one on the side that you can see with the cans on it, and for the front shelf we found a slightly smaller one on wheels. It has basket shelves, too, which I love. I use that one for the stuff I use the most but want to keep in the same place. The one against the wall is for big pots, pans, stockpots, pressure canner (which I just got the other day! yay!) and other large things. Side one is full of my containers of dehydrated items, containers of beans/peas and the like and baking items. It’s working out really well and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s took me forever to go through every closet and hutch in the kitchen to rearrange where things are, though. I still can’t find things I moved at times. lol. Still tweaking the system, but thrilled with it.

new shelves 1new shelves 2

sled pot rackAnother project in my kitchen is my sled pot rack. My sweetie’s brother brought us two sleds that were theirs when they were kids. Both of them are radio flyers and very old. The smaller one I knew just what I wanted to use it for. Long ago I had seen a picture of a pot rack made from an old wooden sled. I loved the idea. Mine isn’t that old, but up onto the ceiling it went. It’s working out GREAT!  We have very low ceilings, so the only place I could put it was over my island. Since that was where I wanted it anway, that worked out well. Here’s how it came out.  Now if I can finish painting the kitchen, putting in new bottom cabinets and refurbishing some of the pieces in it, I’ll be golden. LOL.

Another post coming after this one! Whoopee!


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