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Another trip to the LDS Cannery this past weekend

For those who don’t know, the LDS Cannery is the storage house of the Mormon Church. They have them all over the country. You don’t have to be Mormon to go and buy bulk food stuffs. The prices are unbelievably good, the folks are always really nice and its a fun shopping trip. We went this past weekend and added to our little supply of foodstuffs.

We got 75 lbs. of flour, 50 lbs of red wheat berries, 50 lbs of white wheat berries, 25 lbs of dry milk, 25 lbs of white beans, (we eat a lot of bean soups and such and below this I’ll tell you a funny story about beans. lol), 25 lbs of mashed potato flakes, 25 lbs of oatmeal, 12.5 lbs of hot cocoa (25 lb bag but I split it with a friend), 25 lbs of rice.

We’re doing what we can, when we can, and I’m not making myself hysterical over it. You do what you can and anything you do is better than doing nothing. I’m learning this as I go and trying to be a non-panic prepper. Honestly, some things you see on the internet are, I swear, meant to make you a freaked out, hysterical panicked person. bah!

Course, I’m still packaging. lol. They were out of mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, but I paid for them and when they come in I’ll get them. I’ve had good luck getting 5 gallon buckets from the Price Chopper bakery and a lot of the things are being put in to those with bigger oxygen bags. Then, just in case, I wrap a bit of duct tape around the lid in case it didn’t seal quite all the way.

presto pressure cannerI also found the pressure canner I wanted to get. I know a lot of you get the really big one, but I don’t do as much canning and wanted the smaller one. I bought the 16 quart presto pressure canner. It’s plenty big enough for my canning needs, and more than enough space for anything else I want to make in it, like roasts or stew. It does the 5, 10, or 15 lbs of pressure, so I’m very happy with it. 🙂

After looking at a lot of different models, I’ve also picked out the grain mill that I want. wonder junior deluxe grain millIt’s the Wonder Junior Deluxe Grain Mill.  It does everything that I want a grain mill to do, or may ever want it to do and it’s in the price range that I’m able to handle. I’m really excited about it. I won’t be able to get it for a few weeks yet, but I keep watching the video of it and enjoying my choice vicariously. lol.

I also did some ordering from Augason Farms. They also sell bulk food items, but different kinds of stuff. I like that they also sell everyday sized cans of stuff so that you can try it before you invest in a #10 can. We found some soups called Bear Creek. They’re dried/freeze-dried soups, stews, etc that are good for camping, backpacking, or even bug-out bags. We found them on sale and decided to try a couple. I was shocked at how good they were, especially since the “meat” wasn’t really meat but that tvp stuff. Even my sweety liked them, which is really saying something. So… since we liked those we decided to try more of this vegetarian “meat” tvp stuff. So we bought, from Augason Farms, a small can of beef flavored, bacon bits and chicken flavored tvp. We also ordered some powdered cheese, a small seed vault (very small, but it’s a start),  5lbs of red kidney beans (they were on sale and I love them), butter powder, and something called honey powder that sounded just too yummy not to try. I’ll let you know how they all taste as I try them. 🙂

I bought some plants for my garden (yes, flowers <grins>) to replace the ones that I know will have to be sacrificed to un-grass my poor garden. Sad, but necessary. I bought most of my seeds and am planning a mostly vertical garden this year. I just have to finish buying all the stuff to make towers and teepees. I’ll keep you all posted on that. I’m not started with it all yet because we’re still getting freezing and below freezing weather here at night. We don’t generally plant up here till May anyway.

I’m going to start putting up recipes again since they seem to be so popular on my site. Hope you all enjoy them!


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