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Old friends and books

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English: Open book icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I often think to myself, “I really need to get busy keeping up with my Goodreads page.” I never seem to get around to it, but I do think about it. I don’t read as much as I used to, though I can’t stand to be without a book in waiting. Even as a child, I was reading far above my age/grade in school and there was never a lack of books at home. I remember my mom reading to me often and making up voices to go with the characters. She loved to read as well. I learned to love reading from her.

Looking at my friend’s lists and they are so long and varied! My list would be full of recipe books, books about dehydrating food and storing it, gardening methods, a number of how-to books, books on knitting, crocheting and lately, woodburning. (which I’m learning). I’m reading to learn a lot more than I used to do. But there are still my favorites…mostly in the Fantasy/Sci-fi genre. But then I wondered how my reading list would look to someone else.

I read a lot of books over and over again. Yes, I admit it. I’m a seriel reader. lol. I like trying new authors, and have found some I really enjoy, but I always fall back on my favs when I need a lift, a smile, a little courage or just a warm welcoming feel. It probably sounds odd, but after having read them for so long, I feel like they are part of the family…well, the family in my head. <grins>

We moved a LOT when we were first married. One year we had 11 addresses in that year alone.  It was hard because I’m very much a home body. I don’t really care for travelling. I’m not an intrepid explorer or brave adventurer. I’m more of a bunny jammies wearing,  bread baking, stew eating homegirl. My books always came with me though and when I was feeling particularly lonesome or upset about our wanderings, I could always pull out my favorite authors and cuddle up with old friends.

I knew Lessa and F’lar would make things alright and a lovely dragon would choose me and keep me company. I longed to walk the Harper Hall and take all the music classes they’d let me in and I’d get to hear Robinton sing again. I rode like the wind on the back of my very own Companion and would learn to be braver and more adventurous as I went about on my missions for the kingdom. I’d gaze in wonder at the beauty of Imladris, aka Rivendell, listen to the elvish singing by moonlight and be enchanted by Gandalf’s fireworks. More recently I’ve wished I could play quidditch, wave my wand and clean my kitchen and get from here to there in the flash of an eye. Yes, I loved reading about the exploits of old friends I knew, liked, missed and wanted to be like.

Now I’m getting to know new folks in books I’m discovering. I have to admit that it seems to be harder to find books that really capture my heart as well as my head. Books where you really care about what happens to the characters and mourn with them, laugh with them, roll your eyes at things they do and, in general, just get to know them. There are a couple, though, and when I get around to updating my goodreads, I’ll tell you all about them. 😉

Until then, I’ll visit with old friends, find new ones, and keep learning all the wierd and quirky things I love to learn.

How do you feel when you read? Do you read for fun? to learn? to escape?


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