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Family Photos

Since I know I mention my doggies from time to time, and I wanted newer pictures of them, I snapped a couple of my furry babies.

This pretty girl is Baby. She’s a cockapoo. We adopted her from a family who thought buying a puppy would cure one of their kids’ fears. It didn’t work and they decided to get rid of the puppy.Β  We adopted her from them at approx. 4 mos. old. We had been looking for a pup since our older dog had passed on and we missed her terribly. Baby was a Godsend in more ways than one. We were also looking for our first house at the time and it wasn’t going particularly well. I was really down at the crappy houses we were being shown and coming home to an empty house all the time was soooo depressing. One night I had a “dream”. Now you can take this however you feel comfortable, but I know it wasn’t a dream. I’ve had this happen three times in my life, and speaking as one who dreams almost every night and remembers them, I know the difference. God told me not to be sad; that he had not only a house picked out for us, but a dog as well. He told me when he brings the dog into our lives that He’s picked out, to start packing because we would find the right house shortly after. I was so excited when I got up! Sure enough a couple weeks later little Baby came to us. She was so precious and so adorable and soooo in need of love. A week later we found the house we still live in and got it. It was 6 weeks from the time we got Baby until we closed and moved into this house. She is almost 8 now and the sweetest little thing you could ever imagine.

She’s always hard to get a good picture of because she’s so dark. This is her summer hair cut. I really love the picture of her with the stick. That’s the adorable look on her face that she just fixes you with and gets whatever she wants. LOL.

baby 6-13baby2 6-13

This is Rosey. She sort of just fell in our laps, so to speak.Β  We wanted another dog and had been looking around. Getting a dog in Massachusetts can be difficult and expensive. All the commercials say adopt from a shelter (and we have done that a number of times in other places), but when it costs as much to adopt a shelter pet as to buy a pup from a breeder, there’s something wrong. Anyway, we were having no luck. We were set up at a market and a woman had three puppies. My sweety sent her over to me and it was love at first site. πŸ™‚

Rosey is a Muggin, also called a Carlton’s Pinscher. She is a first gen cross between a Pug and a Min Pin. You can look them up online for more info. Anyway, she is a beautiful girl; very striking markings and adorable face. She is the smartest dog I think we’ve ever owned; smarter than us sometimes, I think. πŸ™‚Β  She’s endlessly curious, has her nose down to the ground checking out every scent every where she goes, and has a stubborn streak a mile wide. She is also a good hunter, liking mice, snakes and bugs the best. Yes, she brings them to me as pressies. blerrggg!

She is also about the cuddliest dog ever. She wants to be held in your arms every moment that she isn’t doing her own thing. She buries her nose into your neck and goes right to sleep. She also likes to sleep with her head on my other pillow and burrow up against me. She also snores a little and is the fartiest little dog I’ve ever owned. LOL. That face gets everything forgiven, though. πŸ™‚

rosey 6-13rosey2 6-13

So there are the furry members of the family. πŸ™‚


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