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How does your garden grow? part 1 june 2013

I had so much fun last year doing a little rundown on how my yard and garden were doing over the course of the summer last year that I decided to do it again. “How does your garden grow?” will be the title for each post and each post will be given a part number and month. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I know I will enjoy bringing it to you. 🙂

I’m actually a little late starting, but the weather has been so freakish. We’ve been riding the New England roller coaster of 90 one day and 40 the next. Up till last week we were still getting frosts at night a few times. Things are really popping now, though.

This is my first peony bloom. I missed the rhodos blooming, but it works out nicely, since the rhodos no sooner go by than the peonies kick in.

peonies 6-13

I have an obelisk with two different kinds of clematis growing on it. One is an early summer blooming and one is a fall bloomer. I never thought the fall one would get so huge so I trimmed it back to just about nothing. I was a little worried that I cut off too much and killed it, but as you can see that certainly isn’t the problem. The big top is the fall bloomer, but the bottom one is the summer and it sure is giving its all!

clematis 6-13

I paid for my laziness last year in not being as diligent with the weeds as I should have been in my side garden. I’ve been spending weeks having to weed it this year. Since I knew there was going to be some sacrifices to the process I bought a few replacements. I also mulched it again. I haven’t mulched it for a couple years and you could really tell. There are still a couple things that need to come out but those will have to be dug out unfortunately.  I love how it looks though.  The daisies are starting to pop open right now as well as the dianthus that survived the weeding. I’m also letting some of the milkweed remain. Yes, I know… WEED!  But I have a butterfly plant that will be huge before long and most of this garden is for birds, bees and butterflies and Milkweed is the only food that baby Monarchs eat, so I let some grow. Last summer it was like walking through a swarm of butterflies and I loved it.

side garden 6-13

These are so cute little dianthus’ that are blooming in my front rock garden. Unfortunately I lost a lot of my dianthus, but I’m replacing those gradually.

dianthus 6-13

Now, as I said in a previous post, I’m experimenting with using more containers in my veggie gardening. The pots were expensive for the big ones and I thought, why not just use plastic totes you can buy cheaply at Walmart? So I drilled a few holes in the bottom of each one and started planting. This pot, yay for yard sales, has three mints in it, although I don’t know if one of them will make it. There is chocolate mint, wintergreen and peppermint in it. I’m forbidden to plant more mint without a container. <grins> We have a MASSIVE batch of mint that overtakes one side of the house every year because of one “little” plant I put in. lol.

mints 6-13

I found gorgeous heirloom tomato plants at a store near us and bought two regular tomatoes and two cherry tomatoes.  I know many of you plant TONS of tomato plants, but the truth is, I only really plant these for my husband and dogs. I hate raw tomatoes. I love tomato sauce, but raw tomatoes gross me out. One of these years I’ll grow more and make tomato sauce, but its not gonna be this year. I put these in totes that I bought at Walmart, since I know tomatoes do well in containers. I’m also experimenting with putting carrots in with them since I know that they are very good companion plants. We’ll see how that goes.

tomatoes and carrots 6-13

In another yard sale find, I planted all carrots. I never have luck with them in the ground, so I’m hoping they will do well in this tall container.

carrots 6-13

A big experiment this year is growing my p0tatoes in bags. I know its worked for others so I’m giving it a go. I have two bags of Yukon Gold and two bags of red skinned (forget the name) potatoes. The first picture is how I started them. The second is after adding my first batch of dirt into the bags so they keep growing and putting out tater runners.

potatoes in bags 1  6-13potatoes in bags 2  6-13

This weekend we’ll get the pole beans, peas and peppers in. Yes, I know, a couple weeks late on those, too. Doing the best we can and the weather has been so wierd that had I done it earlier I would have lost it all to frost anyway.  We have the poles in. I’m going to grow them on strings like a teepee. I’ll have piccies of that when we get them up all the way.

That’s it for  the yard and garden right now. Stay tuned for Part 2!


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