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An herbing we will go, an herbing we will go, hi ho the derry oh, an herbing we will go


Yep we went down to the herb shop a couple towns over today. I’ve always wanted to put in a Kitchen Garden and Herb Garden. This year is the year. I’m going to make a nice layout and it will be a combination herb and tea garden. I love teas so I thought it would be perfect.

I read a lot of your sites where you talk about herbs and medicinal uses and such and I wanted to take the little bit I’ve been able to pick up and combine it with my love of teas and cooking. Course I hadn’t actually planned to spend what I did, but they had so many! 🙂 So here are the plants, on my stand at home until I get them planted, which will be probably next week. I have to get the bed ready for them. A few will go in my front rock garden but most will go in the bed I’m making for them.herbs2

Here is a list of the herbs I bought: Garlic Chives, Variegated Peppermint, Comfrey, Calendula, Lemon Balm, Salad Burnet, German Chamomile, Citronella (not going in the herb garden but in the back yard), Nasturtium ( a flower but edible and smells awesome), Sweet Woodruff, Betony, Munsted Lavender, Orange Mint, Mojita Spearmint, Lemon Thyme and Silver Edge Lavender.

I have a lot of reading and note taking to do, of course, but I’m hoping they all do well. Most are perennial and two of them you just have to manually shake the seeds off the heads so they re-seed.

So wish me luck in this new gardening endeavor! I’ll have pictures…of course… of the garden once they’re all planted.

Can’t wait!



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