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How does your garden grow? part 2 – 2013

Hoping I can get this post to work right this time. πŸ™‚

With the massive amount of rain we’ve been getting the last couple weeks, everything is springing up like mad. I wandered around and snapped some shots to share with you.

This is my mock orange bush. I don’t know what the difference is from last year to this, but this year it actually smells good. Last year it bloomed beautifully but didn’t have the scent I expected. This year its quite lovely. Maybe its a maturity thing. I had to take a couple small sprigs and put them into a tiny vase and put it by my computer. They’re so pretty. The vase is all of 3″ tall. πŸ™‚

mock orange 2013 mock orange 2013 2 tiny vase

A couple of years ago I transplanted two rhododendrons to the back yard. I wasn’t sure they were going to survive, but they did and are finally starting to really grow. This is the first year they have actually bloomed. The flowers look a little different from the front ones, but I like them a lot.

backyard rhodos 2013

My first daisies of the summer are blooming. What pretty little flowers to greet you as you come up the driveway. The all yellow ones have buds on them and will be along later.

first daisies 2013

It seems like every summer I get something come up that’s a surprise. This year is no different. This beauty cropped up amongst all my daylilies coming up. I think it may be an Iris, but not entirely sure. I know its not something I planted, but gosh its beautiful! We found it a little past its prime, but it still looks pretty amazing to me. I may have to get more of these.

iris maybe 2013 surprise

My potatoes in the bag experiment seems to be doing great. I think I would use a different bag next year, though. The trash bags have no structure to them and its hard to fill them up and keep the dirt where you actually want it. I think I’ll still get plenty of ‘taters, but it could be better with a different type of bag. I still haven’t been able o get my other veggies in and I wonder if I should even bother at this point. sighs. I had such plans for this years garden, but the weather has really worked against us up here in New England. I know some have planted and have already lost their crops and having to start over, so I guess I’ll still try.

potatoes 2nd picture 2013

Lastly, this was an unknown flower, but thanks to friends on FB, I now know what they are! They are Wild Roses! I want to do some research on possibly taking cuttings and starting it in other places. They smell wonderful and the bush looks like a woman’s cascading bridal bouquet. I love it. I don’t know why I never really noticed it that much other years. Perhaps some of the giant lilac bushes died off and it shows more, or maybe the weather has just be perfect for it so its going crazy. All I know is that I’m totally enamored of it.

unknown flower full bush unknown flower 3 unknown flower 2 unknown flower 1

Thanks for joining me on my walk around the yard! How is yours doing?


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