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Two new members of the family…kitchen, that is…

So as I continue my journey of preparedness and frugality, although I’m doing better with the preparedness than the frugality part, I’m excited to tell you about the two most recent additions to my kitchen.

wonder junion grain mill

I did a LOT of reading, asking questions, reading reviews and reading of articles on a number of prepper sites to see what they liked and finally decided on which grain mill I wanted to get. And here it is… The Wonder Junior Grain Mill. This is not my picture, but it shows off really well what I bought. I plan to get the belt part as well, but that’s not really a huge priority right now. I’m very excited about getting this. I’m going to buy some corn just so I can try it out. lol.









ghk-oster-hand-blender-with-chop-cup-2605-mdnMy next new toy is the Oster Immersion Stick Blender. I have a different one, that’s mostly plastic, that I use for making soap. Because of all the plastic, I just don’t feel comfortable using it for food whatsoever. No matter how much I would clean it, bleach it, whatever, I just don’t think I would trust it. This one is going to be strictly for food. We got a really decent deal on it, too. The one we got is the one shown with the additional chopping bowl and tall cup. It’s cool because the gray part on the bottoms of the containers is not only a rubbery base cover so that it doesn’t slide while you use it, but they come off and are lids. Pretty clever, huh?  This one is all stainless steel on the stick and blade guard, so its much more heavy duty and I like that.

I also found an interesting whisk that you just push it up and down and it spins, requiring no electricity. I tried it and it works really well.

I’m still trying to organize my kitchen. I didn’t think it would take this long or be this frustrating, but I AM making progress. I’ve had to redo things as I figured out what worked better where and what needed to be found another place for. Needless to say half the time I can’t find anything right now. lol.

We had to get a new printer for me since mine died and I’m starting to print out some of the MYO (make your own) mixes and recipes that looked most like things we would like. That’s my next project. Getting some of those made.

We struggle most with stopping at fast food places while we’re out running, but I’m going to keep trying. I AM! 🙂  I’m not going to beat myself up, because we’re making progress in other things, but it would save us a lot in the long run if I was better about not doing that. It’s hard because I don’t have a car and when the hubby comes home we have all the errands to run on those days. That means we’re out ALL day and we get hungry. Ah well.

We’ve also gotten some really wonderful deals at yard sales and flea markets. Things we’re putting right to use. One of them is pumping water out of one side of our basement atm. lol. How can you pass up a perfectly good powerful sump pump for $20? 🙂

Well, off for now. How are you preps going? What goodies have you gotten lately?


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