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How does your garden grow? Part 3 End of June

Lots of pictures for you today. There has been quite a bit of rain and suddenly August heat decided to show up. So without further ado… I bring you installment 3 in my summer series, “How does your garden grow?”.

My double peony bush is blooming like gangbusters. I just love this one. I’d like to get more of the doubles. I love my singles as well, but this double is just stunning.

double peony 1 peony 2

Filling the yard will the most glorious scent of all (my fav) are my two huge honeysuckle bushes. They’re Hall’s Honeysuckle and they’re massive and grow so fast you can barely keep up with the trimming. But they’re so worth it.

honeysuckle 2 honeysuckle 1

Last year I planted what is supposed to be a Northern Hibiscus. I didn’t think there was such a think since we all know Hibiscus is tropical. But now there is. I was really excited about it and it bloomed beautifully. I was dubious about it living through the winter, and in truth, it didn’t look like it made it, but now look at it! It’s alive! (in best Gene Wilder voice)

hibiscus june 2013

Lastly a before and after look. Sometimes, and I’m sure a lot of you feel this way at times, you look at your garden, your house, whatever you’re working on and think “omg, all this work and nothing looks that different! I’ll never get it to look good!”

Well, for those times, and I had one the other day, I went back and found my original pictures of my house right after we’d bought it. I took these shots to show friends and family our new home. While I don’t have the greenest thumb ever, and while it took a lot of trial and error to get anything growing decently in the front, after seeing these first pictures, I feel better about how far its come since then.

Front of the house before and after: First picture was taken middle of October and it was starting to snow so its pretty dark. The second was taken a couple days ago.

 DSCN0232front of house 2013 june

The second set are the side of the house. I decided I wanted a garden there and on my hands and knees, I pull ever single blade of grass by hand. (never again. btw! lol)

DSCN0231side garden june 2013

Yep, I feel better now. lol. Do you ever go back to look at before and after shots to remember how far you’ve come? How is your garden doing this year?


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