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Cherry Tree, Cherry Tree, Do you have something good for me?

Sour cherries. If you’ve ever had anything made with sour cherries you’ll understand why I was so excited to put in a sour cherry tree 4 years ago. The last two years the birds beat me to the tree and I didn’t get a single one. For some reason this year they decided to make up for it and leave me hundreds of cherries. Since this picture, I’ve gotten another full bowl and have at least one more full bowl, maybe 2 left on the tree waiting to be picked. Needless to say I’ve been over the moon about it. I just love homemade cherry pie filling. I have enough for three cherry cheesecakes over the next year. The ones I’m going to be picking next will be mixed with strawberries, peaches and apples to make my Very Berry Jam. It won’t be totally diabetic, but I’ll use only half the sugar and half Splenda, so I can feel a LITTLE less guilty about giving it to my hubby. 😉

My tree has grown leaps and bounds and will have to be pruned this fall. It’s already too tall to really reach the top branches with either the net or for picking. It’s supposed to be a dwarf variety so I’m going to try to keep it a bit shorter, but make it get a bit fatter. I’m also going to start training the branches downwards the way the local apple farm does their trees. They look weird, but you don’t miss an apple on them, or in this case, I won’t miss a single luscious cherry due to not being able to reach it.

At least I have one tree doing spectacularly. lol. My blueberries still look horrible, although the tiny one actually has a few berries on it. My apple and pear trees grow nicely, but I’ve yet to get any fruit on the pear tree, and only two on the apple. Hopefully the big old apple trees in the back will give me some this year. They seem to be sort of wonky and some years I get almost nothing while other years I can’t give apples away fast enough.

The vagaries of nature. 🙂

How are your gardens doing? Do you have fruit trees/bushes and have any suggestions?

PS: UPDATE! I just came in from picking again and got another 3/4 of a bowl!  Checked the fridge and I have pears that I forgot about. I’m thinking cherries, pears and apples. I also forgot I have a big container of red raspberries from last season left and this years crop are almost ready to pick, so maybe some raspberry jam. oh boy!


cherries1cherry tree 1


2 thoughts on “Cherry Tree, Cherry Tree, Do you have something good for me?

  1. Hi,
    I stumbled on your blog in search of a sour cherry pie recipe. My sour cherry tree did well this year too (southern WI), and the birds left plenty for me to pick. Regarding pear trees….I put in two different varieties, as recommended for pollination purposes. One grew fast to 20 ft but never fruited, then got fire blight so I cut it down. The second tree is a dwarf or semi-dwarf Barlett, about four years old. Last year it had a few blossoms and one very small pear. This spring it was covered with blossoms and now has an abundance of growing fruit! Apparently Barletts are some what self-pollinating, so I’d recommend putting in a Barlett!

  2. The pear tree I put in is one of those 5 kinds of pears grafted together dwarf tree. It looks great but won’t do much. Maybe I’ll try just putting in a couple singles like you did. Thanks!

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