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How does you garden grow? part 4 – early July 2013

This is a little late, but better late than never, right? 🙂  Anyway, this post is all about my new Herb and Tea Garden. I’ve wanted to have one for a few years now and this year, I got it started. I have plans for prettying it up a bit, but its a start.

I saw a few folks’ upcycling of tires and I liked it. Most of them had painted the tires bright pretty colors and I really liked that. Mine will get painted, but that’s one of the prettying up things I haven’t had a chance to do yet.

Here is the setup with my new little baby herbs all planted. I did try to put things together that would grow well in the tires, but I think some of them will have to be divided and planted elsewhere once they really start to grow. That’s ok. Spreading around the goodness isn’t a bad thing and I can keep these tires looking nice.

tire herb and tea garden

As I said…it’s still pretty plain, but I promise it will get better. 🙂  I always wanted a “kitchen garden” and this is the start of it. I’m going to be putting pretty mulch all around it in a circle. I have some old pots and an old teapot that I’m going to plant in and set them in the circle. I also bought some gorgeous Oriental lilies named “Activa” and “Black Bird” and will put those around the outside. It’s going to look purty and be soooo useful since everything will be edible and usable.

Some of the plants I planted in my rock garden out front. I think they will do better there and because they’ll need the space more. This first picture has Dill and Lemon Thyme. I have regular Thyme growing, (that’s the bigger green bush) and since its doing so well, I figured the Lemon Thyme would also. I figured keep the herbs together so I planted the Dill nearby. The second picture is a Silver Edged Lavender. It’s much better than the other Lavender I tried growing and it smells really strong. Hoping this one really takes off and gets big. I also planted a pretty little Nasturtium. I didn’t know you could eat the flowers, but it was so pretty and smelled so nice I couldn’t resist it.

dill and thyme in side garden 2013silver edge lavender june 2013

Now, I bet you’re wondering what went into my tires, aren’t you?  🙂  Well, here is what I got.

Garlic Chives
Variegated Peppermint (I put these into their own little container. I learned THAT lesson. lol)
Lemon Balm (I hope they do as well as my Bee Balm has done)
Salad Burnet (this is cool. the leaves taste like cucumbers. Fun plant to put into salads.)
German Chamomile
Sweet Woodruff (I have a German friend who told me they used to eat all sorts of things made with Sweet Woodruff. I asked her to send me some recipes. If I manage to make some (might not be till next year depending on much it grows, I think I’ll send some to her.)
Betony (I honestly have to research this, but the herb farm told us that its a very old herb and very good for you.)
Munsted Lavender (this is the more common variety of Lavender, but the Munsted is very good to use with good flavor)
Orange Mint (in its own pot)
Mojito Spearmint (Little bit of info I didn’t know. The Mojito drink, which I’ve never had but know is popular, originated in Spain. Apparently people come home from vacays and try to reproduce it and it doesn’t quite turn out the same. It’s because in Spain they grow and use Mojito Spearmint. It’s a particular mint they use for this drink. It’s hard to find, but this herb farm has it and I bought one because I love spearmint in my ice tea.)    ((update: I think I killed it so I’m going to buy another one. lol))
Citronella (I know its not really an herb, but I didn’t know you could grow this and we have tons of ‘skeeters so hopefully it will prosper and I can plant it around the yard to help)

So that’s my little herb garden. I know some of them will be moved later, but for now they are in a good spot and I’ll get to observe their growing habits and make my decisions on what has to be moved later on. I’m also going to be looking for a good herb book. LOL. I need one that is not so advanced I won’t understand it, but one that will do a good job of teaching me how to grow and use with recipes) my new herbs.

So how do you think I did for a start?


3 thoughts on “How does you garden grow? part 4 – early July 2013

  1. Looks like we have a lot of interests in common! Thanks for your likes on my blog by the way!

    I am going to make a pallet garden today. It is still a bit too cold for most things to grow but I know that Spring is coming (please). I am going to cover the back of the pallet with mulching fabric, then fill it with compost, shove some strawberry plants and herbs in and stand it up next to my shed. Hopefully, it will make it easier to cover with net to prevent the chickens snacking on the fruit.

    • Whoops! I hit the enter button too fast. I won’t get to do any gardening this year. we’re trying to sell our house and if it sells I don’t want to have to worry about my garden. well you really don’t want to spend another winter up north with all the snow. covering the pallet will also help to keep the birds from eating all your berries which is happened to us. be sure to post what your garden looks like this year so I can live vicariously through you! Lol

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