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Homemade Deodorant #3 and Shaving Cream

deodorantSo, I’m still on the search for homemade deodorant and I’m about to just give up and consign myself to using the clinical strength again. This time i thought I had made some progress. I went out and got good, organic coconut oil this time. I used excellent quality essential oil (Rose). All my ingredients were fresh and of good quality. It was easy to make and smelled wonderful. I started using it right away and, wonder of wonders, no burning or itching. Even more amazing, it didn’t do a half bad job on the odor control. It wasn’t complete, but I think thats too much to ask of menopause BO anyway, so I was pretty happy with the result.

3 days later, I lifted up my arms and noticed that they were bright red. Both of them. They weren’t sore or itchy. They didn’t feel irritated, but there was something definitely going on. I stopped using the deodorant and it took nearly 4 days to completely go back to normal. Stiil, I wanted to be sure, so I used it again on one side, and by that night, it was pink.

Sighs.. another attempt down the drain. I’m going to try each ingredient on the inside of my arm and see which one is the culprit. In the meantime, I read that Vodka works by killing the bacteria that causes the odor. So, that’s my next experiment. If this doesn’t work, I’m just going back to deodorant again. At least for the summer. It sucks smelling like a lumberjack all the time. I was trying that crystal rock thing, but read on one site that even that’s been found to be bad for you now. Have to research that, but honestly, getting annoying trying to keep up with what is and isn’t good for you. Noone agrees and every site you read says something else. bah.

I did find out one thing, though. The coconut oil I bought was Nutiva. Oh boy, when I opened that lid I just couldn’t help smiling at the wonderful aroma that wafted up, That stuff smells, and tastes, wonderful!

Well, enough for this update. I also made something called Rosemary and Mint Shaving Cream that I love. The hubby, not so much, but I just LOVE the smell of it and how it makes my skin feel. That will be another post, though. šŸ™‚

Enjoy all your experiments!


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