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Soup’s On!

So in the vein of giving thanks…

17355266I want to thank my friend Bridgett over at Ramblings of an Uncluttered Mind for sending me the book I won on her site, Soup Night: Recipes for Creating Community Around a Pot of Soup by Maggie Stuckey. I was so excited when it arrived. I LOVE LOVE LOVE soups and stews so this book was just perfect for me.

The book is simply stunning. Not only do you get tons and tons of recipes, but you also get lots of heartwarming and interesting stories that go with those recipes. The idea is that you get to know your neighbors, hang out with friends and family, etc. through community eat-ins. While not a practical thing for me to do, I do like to share what I make with friends from time to time and will make extra and these recipes are tried and proven winners for doing that.

Yesterday I made my first recipe out of the book.  I made the Red Beans and Rice Soup. ((You can find the recipe on the sample you get from Amazon.com)) I’ll also post it shortly on my Diner page. 🙂

While mine was thick like a rice casserole instead of a soup, I actually liked that better. I used turkey instead of chicken and left out the spicy seasonings. It is DELICIOUS. I also made the Carolina Cornbread from the book and the two go great together.

I can’t wait to try my next soup out of this great book!

Thanks so much, Bridgett!

If you want to see more of what Bridgett does, check out her FB page at Rambling Designs and her shop that she co-owns, Mrs Hudson’s Yarns and Teas.


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