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Odd Thankfuls

Yes, odd. Most people are thankful for the usual things, but sometimes you need to remember to be thankful for the odd things. It’s like giving your pet a present. They tear it up and rip it open, sniff the present and then play with the wrapping and box. My life in the last month and a half have been the usual things to be thankful for, but also a number of odd thankfuls.

Fort Collins Back PainAbout 6 weeks ago I rather badly hurt my back. I’m not really sure how I managed it. I always have some back pain, but nothing that some Tylenol can’t handle. But this was way out of Tylenol’s capabilities. Of course, I did what I usually do and sucked it up and went on. I’m a real weenie when I’m sick, but I have a high pain tolerance and tend to just grit my teeth and get on with things. Eventually it will heal up and go away. Well, not this time. I was in agony. It was mostly in my left hip and lower back.

Neither is that ususual so I took my Tylenol and went to a Turkey Shoot at one of the local gun clubs. I ended up mostly watching, other than shooting some rounds at the pistol range, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to handle the shotgun range. I didn’t hit a thing. Not one thing. I was in so much pain I couldn’t even hold the gun steady. If I was shooting at a barn I would have missed it by a mile.   I barely made it into my van, got home and hobbled to bed.

I’d like to say it got better, but that trip just aggravated it further. I’ve broken bones that didn’t hurt this badly. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t walk. I could no longer get to the bathroom on my own. I’m not ashamed to say I just sat and cried. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I went to the Dr. (NOT something I do unless a limb is hanging off usually) I got some Prednisone (it had to be bad for me to take anything like that. I usually never take anything stronger than Tylenol) and some Vicadin. Went home, took them and got the first sleep I’d had in days. And yes, I cried again…at the sheer relief.

I had to get an MRI. The day I was to go, I ended up doing something else to myself. Doing too much bending I think, since the pain was being handled by the anti-inflammatory. BIG mistake. I thought it couldn’t get worse. It did. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘writhing in pain’? I now understand it. This was a burning, tearing, stabbing pain in my left thigh and knee. I begged for a Vicadin. First time ever taking one. It only helped marginally. The muscle was spasming so bad that my leg was like a piece of granite.

So long story short…well, semi-short…. I finally got my MRI and got the results today. I have a disc extrusion. Part of the disc has broken away and is not where it’s supposed to be and is sticking out and into the nerve. It’s chronic, but we can get it better than it is now and make it doable. My left leg is mostly numb and the muscle so weak that I fall easily, but at least I’m ambulatory again.

Now you are probably wondering what this all has to do with “odd thankfuls”?

I missed a number of things we had planned while the sweetie was on vacation and we couldn’t do any of them because I couldn’t move. He took the BEST care of me. Odd thankful 1 is that although I hate being in pain, I am so thankful for a husband who takes such sweet care of me. He was amazing. I’m usually the one doing the caretaking, but he was simply wonderful and continues to be. I really love that man. 🙂

country roads logoOne of the things we do every year is a fun even called Country Roads Christmas . This has become a tradition for us and we look forward to it all year. I didn’t think I would be able to go, but I did! Super thankful for this. I was moving slow and I couldn’t make it to all 17 stores, but we went to our favorites and had a wonderful time just being together and being able to make it at all.

On another note, I’m thankful that I’ve come to a workable peace with my foray into preparedness. I panic less about it and just do the best I can. More on that in another post, tho. 🙂

clip-art-knitting-981445I’m thankful for all the time that this back injury has given me to get lots of knitting done! Christmas gifts are flying off my fingers. yay! How’s that for a silver lining? I’ll post pictures, but I can’t do it yet since they are Christmas pressies for people who may see them on here. 😉

I’m thankful that I can sit at my desk long enough to do this post, read FB or play a game. lol.

Just thought I would share what’s been going on here in the last few weeks. I want to get some other posts  done but they will have to wait. For tonight I need to get out of my chair and go to bed.

What odd things are you thankful for?


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