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…ahead of everyone who isn’t trying…

way ahead

This is my viewpoint for this year. When trying to move to a prepping frame of mind, there are tons of helpful sites. There are also tons of “omg! You mean you aren’t ready yet???” sites. I’ve finally settled down a bit from the panic mode and am working on moving more into a calm and pragmatic mode. I do what I can. I do my best to try and will have to trust God for the rest.

One of the big revelations I had was about the B.O.B. bags. Yes, I agree you should have some things pulled together in case you have to vacate your home quickly. We had to do that once when I was a teenager. We were watching Mike Douglas on TV (dating myself there lol) and a state trooper came to the door and told us we have to evacuate now. We were shocked and asked “why?”. He said, “There is a forest fire coming right down your street! Hasn’t anyone told you yet?” Well, the local fire dept. (volunteer) assumed we had been listening to our scanner, which we had not been, and that we knew what was going on. We had 10-15 mins to grab the dogs, any important papers, and whatever else we needed and get out. I took two dogs, mom took two dogs, I grabbed my guitars and mom grabbed the important paper box and a bag of dog food and off we went.

So I understand the concept. Still, I have to balance this knowledge with a few basic facts. Neither the Sweetie or I are physically capable of any hiking about with backpacks, no matter how light you try to make them. We simply are unable to do it. Knowing this, my bags are, admittedly, heavier than a BOB really should be, but I’m pretty happy with what they contain. They aren’t meant to be hiked with. They are meant to be thrown into a car, with the dogs, and driven away with. (The one make flaw to this is that the car in my driveway isn’t fixed yet so I would be a bit stuck either way). I worry a LOT about that, but again, we’re doing what we can when we can. Bottom line is that this is where our trust in God has to kick in. We have to trust God that he will protect us from situations we can’t handle. Do we keep trying to do better? Yes, of course, but in the end its all in God’s hands and so are we.

candy savedWe missed the after Halloween candy sale because of my back, but we did not miss the after Christmas sales. 🙂 I bought chocolate candy in two stores, getting them all for half off. I love sales. Here is our booty now all vacuum-packed and waiting to be put into big buckets. There are a few I will pick up one or two bags when I do my regular shopping because they are seasonal, but not “Christmas” and so are not on sale yet, but too yummy not to pick up more. Most of what we got are M&M’s, but the rest are just “chips”.

Another thing I’m trying, and determined to do better, is cutting down on “stuff”. We have a small house and it seems a LOT smaller currently. Oddly, the more we try to cut down on stuff, the more stuff we end up with to handle the first stuff. lol. I was starting to make some progress, but the back injury brought that to a standstill. This spring is going to see a LOT going out to the “free” pile in front of the house or to the Salvation Army.

The Sweetie’s garage is really coming along, but is at the point where we just need to get rid of the unused stuff now. Again, the free pile will be getting a lot of that stuff.

vignette-1I got a wonderful Christmas pressie from the Sweetie for my kitchen. It is actually replace several items, which have already been boxed up, and will not only do far more than those items combined were able to do, but will save me a lot of room. I’ve been wanting this for sooo long, but never really thought I would be able to get it. But I have it now! Very excited about this.

One of the first things I want to try? Carrot Apple Soup. Sounds too interesting not to try and since I can make it in the cups, I don’t have to make tons of it and feel bad if I don’t like it. Soon as I make room for ice cubes in my freezer I’m going to whip up some smooooooothies. 🙂  I love those.

More  to come soon!


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