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Calendul…ahhhhhh Healing Salve

So I told you that I would share with you as I tried new homemade items and I’m holding to that. I’ve been reading a LOT of ebooks and posts about various healing salves and their ingredients. Some of them need you to purchase $92 worth of special order stuff for this “frugal” homemade item. Yeah, right. Well, that’s not what I consider frugal and I kept looking. I found one that had all easy to get and not hugely expensive items. A lot of the recipes used these ingredients as well as others, but I wanted simple, easy to make, affordable to keep making and one that worked.

A couple of things in this recipe are optional because, while they might add a little to the healing or soothing aspect, they could also bother some people. I left them as optional. I cannot take credit for “inventing” this recipe, but I did do a lot of reading and put together what I thought would be a good mix. It turned out to be even better than I hoped!

This salve is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic. It is also very soothing and calming to sore, angry skin. I’ll give you the recipe now and under it put my results with various issues.

healing salve 1healing salve 2

Calendulahhhhh  (hehe.. my name at the moment for it.)

2-3 cups of Calendula Petals (I found these at a local herbal shop and they are not expensive, but it takes a lot of petals to make 2-3 cups. They are very light and fluffy petals. You can order these online from any herbal place as they are a very commonly used herb. I planted my own last summer, but didn’t have enough of my own yet to make it with my petals. )
1 cup EVOO
1/4 cup or 2 oz. beeswax, melted (I used beeswax that I got from the local apiary where I get my honey) (Also, this amount is approx. You may like a wetter salve or a more solid one. You can always let it set up in the fridge and if you want it more solid, re-melt it and add more beeswax.)
Peppermint Oil (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, cooling and soothing to the skin. It also smells wonderful. I add enough of this that it smells pretty, but I don’t add too much since too much can potentially too strong.)
Lavender Oil (I used lavender not only for its soothing quality, but also because it is analgesic and antiseptic)

Optional Items:
Rose Oil  (Antiseptic and astringent. I didn’t have any of this which is why I didn’t use it. Rose oil has many purported healing properties, especially in internal use. The astringent quality of it means that it contracts the flow in  the blood vessels, thereby aiding in stopping bleeding from wounds.)
1 oz. lanolin ( I didn’t use this because I read that some children react to it. I cannot speak to how strongly true this is,  since there seems to be a lot debate about it, I decided to leave it out and use something else. If you know it doesn’t bother you, it will act as a very good moisturizer and is very good for the skin. If you are a militant vegan you’ll want to forgo this since its a byproduct of an animal product.)
1/2 oz. Glycerin (I did use this to add a bit more creaminess to the salve. but is also a good moisturizer especially for people with sensitive skin, like me.)

The infusion process:The two most common ways for the average person to make an infusion are through heat or just waiting a couple weeks. I prefer the heat method, although I do keep some in a jar that infused slowly over time. Here is the heat method.

Pour your EVOO into a pan and very slowly start to heat it up. As you do that, add the petals and gently stir them down into the oil. Don’t be impatient here though, because you don’t want to burn the petals with overheated oil. If you see a few small bubbles on the bottom of the pan that’s fine, but don’t let it get any hotter and be sure you keep stirring. Once its all pretty well saturated with oil, lower your stove to its lowest setting, cover it and let it keep going for another 1-2 hours. Be sure to stir it now and then.

When its all infused and cooled, strain it through cheesecloth or a tightly woven strainer. Gently press the oil out of the petals. It  takes a little to get it all out, but its worth it! Don’t forget to treat yourself with a little dab of the oil on any rough skin, knees, elbows, etc while you have it on your fingers anyway. 🙂

Melt your beeswax gently. If they are approx. the same temp the two will blend together better. (warning: be careful with the melting beeswax. It can be very flammable if it is brought to the flashpoint of 300-500 degrees. Just heat it enough to melt it gently.)

It’s during this second period when you add any other ingredients, like the glycerin and essential oils. Mix everything well. You can beat it if you want a more creamy consistancy or just pour it into the jars as is for a more “neosporin-ish” consistancy.

If you have little specks of your petals in it, don’t worry, they won’t hurt a thing.

Also, there is nothing in here that is bad for any type of animal or children or pregnant women.==================

Now, as promised, my results.
First off it smells wonderful. I use more lavender than peppermint and its wonderful to just take a nice sniff.  It also works great on dry hands. It just melts right into your skin within a few mins and makes your skin feel very soft and pliable again. I have very sensitive skin and the backs of my hands are usually very reactive to lotions. This doesn’t bother them at all and really makes then feel good.

I also have rosacea that flares up a lot. I’ve been using a prescription topical medicine that, while it does heal up the acne-like sores I get, it leaves my skin very dried out and scaly feeling, which is painful in and of itself. I started putting a little of this salve on my cheeks and within 4 days, not only was all the breaking out healed up, but the skin was less red and inflammed. It was soft, supple and even the itching was gone. I put a little on each night and it has continued till you can hardly even see any redness on my cheeks now. Even my friend, who also has rosacea, noticed and has begun using it also.

Another use which has proven invaluable, is that her little dog has skin allergies and is always scratching or licking. She has treated him with any number of things, but it’s an uphill battle for both of them. He had a particularly nasty one that he had nibbled at until it started to bleed. She decided to try this salve on it. He usually isn’t happy when she has a jar in her hand because some of the treatments don’t smell or taste very good. She let him sniff this and then dabbed it on the sore. He licked a little off, but most of it stayed on and within 3 days, that sore was completely gone. All traces of it were gone. I’m going to do some research on perhaps making a spray so that she can just spray it on his poor itchy skin.

I used it on my lips, since its been soooo cold here. I was starting to get a canker sore and dabbed it on and it nipped it on the bud and it went away before it had a chance to really get started. It also made my lips soooo soft. 🙂

Soon as I order some more jars I’m going to be making more!


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