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DIY White Castle Burgers! yay!

french-onion-sliders-large-60672This was posted to me FB, although I have no idea who posted it anymore. Apparantly, there is a restaurant in the south called Krystal Burgers. Its basically another White Castle-ish place. Now I never heard of White Castle either until I met my husband, who went to them in North Jersey and loved them. Honestly, I was meh about them, but in the intervening years they have kind of grown on me. Anyway, I digress. Since there were none where we lived, he went without them for years until they started selling them in the supermarkets. If you had seen my husband’s face when he first saw that white box, you would have thought he’d just had every dream come true. lol.

But they are pretty pricey. So they got put on the now and then as a special treat shopping list.  Until now!

This is a really wierd recipe. I’ll warn you right now, your initial reaction will be, ewwwwww! are you serious???  Yes, I am serious! Just try it. Really. Live dangerously! 😉

1.5 lbs. of ground beef
1 pkg. Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix
1 TB Peanut Butter, Creamy  (I warned you it would get a little wierd)
1/2 cup milk1 onion, finely diced
Sara Lee Classic Dinner Rolls (or whatever you can find so long as they are small. We used small round kaiser dinner rolls from the bakery)
Cheese Slices, American or Velveeta

1. In a large bowl mix the meat, soup mix, peanut butter and milk.
2. Spread the mixture out thin in a roasting pan or anything with enough of a rim to keep the juices contained. (Trust me on this one… the cookie sheet was a BAAAAAD idea. On the bright side I finally learned how to use my auto-clean on my oven.)
3. Sprinkle the diced onions all over the top and bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 mins. (This depends on how thin you roll out the meat. Just make sure its cooked all the way through.)
4. Take out and layer the cheese all over the top and baked until cheese is all melty.
5. Cut with a pizza slicer or sharp knife into slider sized burgers. (If you want, you can put the tops of the rolls on after you put on the cheese and put it back in the oven that way, too. Its up to you.)

I was dubious. I won’t lie. BUT! When I bit into that little burger I KNEW I had found the answer to buying those expensive White Castles. But the big test was the hubby. How would he like them.

He took one bit, then another, (i was waiting impatiently), then he inhaled the rest and gave me the biggest smile and a big hug! How can you ask for more than that? 😉


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