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Sales! Sales! Sales!

This was a BIG weekend for sales around here. I mean some really BIG sales. It was fabulous! Course the fact that for a change we were able to take real advantage of them was also really fabulous. 😉

new mattressI now have a new bed! Yes, the $119.00 (24 years ago) mattress from Sears Scratch and Dent store is finally gone. It gave its all for the cause, but it really needed to go. No matter where you layed you were in a hole. We’ve been putting this off for several years, but now that I have a herniated disc it became a necessity. So get on with the sale, you say? Well, we have a store near us called Big Lots. Its like a Job Lot for those of you more familiar with those. They were having a big furniture and bedding sale. The bed I wanted was on sale. Yay! BUT that’s not all! The fella in charge of that department told us that if we wait 2 days they were going to have a storewide 20% off sale on everything, even the sale items. wow! We got there an hour before the sale and there was already a line. We stood in line for almost 2 hours, praying they didn’t run out of my mattress, and they didn’t! So I now have a real mattress, an actual boxspring (which I haven’t had in many years) and we had to get a basic metal frame since the bed is bigger than what I had before. Bottom line? Mattress, boxspring and frame all for less than the cost of the sale price of the mattress alone. yay!

And yes this is a picture of my new mattress. The funniest part is that its so much taller than my old bed that we had to run out to Walmart the next day and find a step stool so I could get into it without taking a running leap. LOL.


Same store is going to be redoing the store itself and there were shelves of stuff for 75% off.  How can you go wrong with that? We came out of there with bags of stuff we can use, or will use, or will probably need at some point, all for 75% off.  (sighs and smiles happily)

knitting bookAnother great buy came two days before when I found this book. It originally, according to the tag on the back, sold for $44.95 in some bookstore. My price? $2.99!!  Woot! Really cool book. All the patterns in there could so easily be used for full patterns for anything from purses to scarves to hats.

Soon as its not frigid out I’ll also post a picture  of our new van. Once we get the old van back from being fixed, we’ll be a two van family. Yes, friends, that means that I’ll no longer be stranded! I will have my own vehicle to run errands and such again. Look out world.. the girl has wheels again!

There were more sales, but I’m going to end it here for now. My new bed is calling me and I can’t wait to answer it. Its so comfy you can’t believe. Night for now!



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