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My Olympic Project

lake ice hood2lake ice hoodI’m a little late posting this, but here it is! My Olympic Project!

I’ve heard of others who do these and thought it would be fun to try. I started it during the opening ceremonies and finished it the day before the closing ceremonies. The yarn is Lake Ice Heather 100% peruvian wool from Knit Picks. Its one of the Wool of the Andes yarns. I love this yarn. It’s soft and warm and not itchy at all.

I did mine a little different from the pattern because I found it a little too snug around the neck for me. It took me a week of so to decide how I wanted to decorate it and then I found this pretty lace and the snowflakes and knew they were perfect.

If I made it again I would make it on a bigger needle and not block it so much, but I’m very happy with it. I’ve never done anything this complicated. I’m just so thrilled that all my cabling came out perfect…all the same lengths and all in the right directions. lol.

Hope you enjoy seeing it!


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