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Fuzzy Find

So the hubby was mowing the lawn, which had grown to gargantuan proportions, due to the fact that it was always raining when he was off, and he found these little sweeties.


Another baby bunny ran off. We didn’t see mama, but sure she was watching nearby somewhere.  We’ve lived in this house 9.5 years and I’ve never seen a rabbit in the yard, or anyoone elses for that matter. I’ve never lived anyplace where there weren’t tons of rabbits around, but we think its because there is a fairly large “bunny predator” population that makes this a very hard place for bunnies to survive.

Between lots of coyotes, fisher cats, and this year lots of bear action down the street, bunnies are definitely a buffet item around here. Still, I loved seeing them. I hope they make it!



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