Bamboo Redo

Another purchase from this weekends yard sales was a stack of bamboo placemats. I’m not a placemat user, unless its for something decorative or protective under plants or somesuch, but I really liked these. I love wood and I think bamboo is so pretty. Soon as I saw them, I saw an answer to a little problem I’ve been having.

I’m a bit of a nightowl, so I tend to sleep in the mornings, unless I really need to get up earlier. Since I put up my summer curtains and the sun comes up right on that side of the house, it streams in my window and can be a little annoying to one trying to sleep. I thought of shades, but not really a shade fan. I’ve used them and they work, but they don’t like me much and either keep falling down or doing the “flapflapflapflapflap” as they suddenly roll up…usually while I’m asleep.

I saw the perfect solution in these placemats! So here they are. I got 6 of them for 50 cents each. Score! (btw..the original pricetag of $3 each was still on the backside, so NOW let’s hear it.. SCORE!)


Next I attached the together with thin white leather cord and tied it in little bows. (( OK, small addendum here… I did them on each side, but found when I hung them up they bagged a little in the middle, so tomorrow I’ll be adding another bow in the middle just to help them hang better))  This is 3 mats together.


Next I made little loops at the top, put up some cuphooks inside my window frame, and hung them up! Some people may want them only 2 mats long, but you can see where my pillow and bed are and the third one will be the charm for my purposes. Sunlight still comes through with a pretty filter effect. Air still circulates, and it blocks enough sun that it won’t be a problem sleeping in what filters through. And they look really pretty with the colors in my curtains!

bamboo4 bamboo3

Woot! What a fun time I had making these. Now let’s see… what’s next……..


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