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Old is new again

So this weekend was gorgeous. Finally…a nice weekend and hubby was off for it to make matters even spiffier. Saturday we set the alarm for eaarrrrlllllyyyy  in the morning and went yardsaling. we LOVE yard sales. One of my finds was this little plantstand/table. It’s wrought iron and has seen better days, but it was so cute, I just had to get it. My mind’s eye saw something much prettier when I looked at it.

Here’s how it looked when we got it.  (Yes, I remembered to take pictures from start to finish on both my projects…yay!)

flowerstand2 flowerstand1

I bought some rust-o-leum spray paint in high gloss enamel that matches the shutters I painted last summer. For the frugal… yes, I know you can get cheaper spray paint,  but I’ve found that when it comes to spray paints, you get what you pay for. It doesn’t last, it doesn’t cover nearly as well, and I always ended up having to redo the item every year. Here it is with a beautiful blue paint job.


I couldnt’t let it stay that way though. I mean it IS a flower on top right? I was going to go for a sunflower look, but I had such pretty colors in my paint rack and since there are 9 petals, I had to use 3 different colors. Tomorrow the top will get a clear gloss coating on top to protect the flower, but it started raining today and I wanted to take these pictures. 🙂


I love how it came out. I’ll take a final shot tomorrow once its glossy and add it here, but isn’t it cute?  Next project will follow! oh boy! 😉


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