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The older I get…

the more I worry about trying new things.

At least that’s how it feels sometimes.

Take for example my pressure cooker. My mom used one all the time. I saw her using it and there was never a problem. I had my mom’s cooker for years although I couldn’t find the weight. A lot of moving and packing and unpacking equaled one lost weight. So last year I got a new one. Bright, shiny and nice and big.  Of course, over the years, I’ve learned there are things that CAN go wrong with pressure cooking. I understand that so long as you follow the directions there won’t be a problem, but in the back of my mind is now all this “new” information that has been put in.  Have I tried my new pressure cooker? No. sighs.

I wanted to learn a little about herbs and essential oils. I’m not trying to be one of those I-can-cure-anything-with-just-the-weeds-in-my-yard sorts, but my skin is  very sensitive and I thought maybe I could find a way to make a few things myself and know the ingredients and such.  Good idea, right?  Yes…and no. Have I learned a lot? Yes. Do I continue to try and learn what I can? Yes. What else have I learned? All the things that those herbs can also do. yikes!  Just because its herbal and natural, doesn’t mean it can’t be dangerous, too. Then there are all the differing opinions. Noone agrees on anything. Have you noticed that? Do I try to keep learning? Yes. Do I still try some things? Yes. Do I try as many things as I originally pictured in my mind’s eye when I began this? No. sighs.

I love to knit. I’ve been knitting maybe 6 years or so now. I’ve learned a lot, but it seems that no matter what I make, there is a mistake that either makes it hard to wear, or is just a small visual thing. It’s not laziness on my part not to frog it back. It’s that I never notice until its finished that something isn’t quite right. It’s bigger than it should have been. It’s smaller than it should have been. There are a few wonky stitches in the middle of a row. It hemmed when it should have hawed. It yinged when it should have yanged. It’s too stiff. It’s too floppy. I adore colorwork and have always been in awe of fair isle knitting. I’ve tried a couple projects with colorwork with very mixed results. On one hand, I like them because of what they represent, but none of them came out entirely “right”.  It’s very frustrating. Do I keep knitting? Yes, I love it. Do I hesitate more often now? Yes. sighs.

And the list goes on. It seems like the more I learn, the more I know can go disastrously wrong. The older and “wiser” I get the more I know all the things I don’t know and what can happen because of what I don’t know. The more I worry about trying something new or different.

For some reason I thought it would work the other way around.


2 thoughts on “The older I get…

  1. I have good news for you. There are a few, and “few” is the operable word here, good things about getting old but “worrying less” is one of them. I’m trying new things with abandon. I’m not worrying about what will blow up or what won’t work, or errant or missed stitches, or parts of things I’ve made that just “aren’t right.” It’s the process that is important. It’s the enjoyment you’ll get out of your new pressure cooker if you’ll just put the parts together and fill it. Besides, when was the last time you read about anyone blowing themselves up with a pressure cooker? If I remember correctly, that’s what that little valve on the top is for – it’s a “safety valve.” Thanks again for the tip on watercolors. Patsye

    • You’re so right! I get very hard on myself when things don’t look quite right. I’ve gotten some watercolor paints and pencils and want to try some of her lessons and just let it be however it comes out. And tomorrow I get brave and am making soup in my pressure cooker. Keep you posted!

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